How to Decorate your Room

Every now and then, redecorating your room can be a nice way to bring a fresh feeling and outlook to your life. Maybe your room has looked the same for a few years and you want a change; maybe you’re moving into a new place, and you want to decorate like a professional. This does not have to be expensive, unlike how new parents spend thousands of dollars decorating their newborn’s bedrooms. You can simply add some new things to your space, such as dried flowers and wall art, to change the aesthetic and bring more happiness into your life. 

The following are some key ways on how you can decorate your room:

Add Mirrors

Mirrors aren’t only useful for checking out new outfits, or for doing your hair before you leave the house; they’re also excellent for home decorating. The various frames, shapes and sizes allow you to add personality and specific styles to your room. You might choose a gold frame mirror to add a touch of elegance or antiquity, or a sleek black one for a more minimalist feel. Mirrors offer the illusion of making a space feel bigger, due to the reflection. If you’re working with a smaller room, this is one of the easiest ways to make it feel bigger. Similarly, mirrors will add light to your room if it’s lacking with windows, as it reflects the available light.

Add Fresh or Dried Flowers

Bringing flowers inside is an easy way to add colour and freshness to any room. A study from 2005 found that when people were around flowers they were more likely to smile, stand closer to one another, (perhaps suggesting they felt more social), and initiate conversations.

This could mean that adding flowers to your room may result in you feeling happier and more social. You might choose to pick flowers from your garden, or to buy them already arranged. If you want a long-lasting option, opt for dried flowers. Putting them in a jar or vase will result in a very nice feature for bedside tables, coffee tables, or shelves. 

Buy New Furniture

A major part of any bedroom is the furniture—in particular, the bed. This might be a good time for you to upgrade your mattress and bed frame. You might want to swap from dark wooden furniture to light wood, or get a gorgeous rattan bedhead for your base. There are many styles available at different prices. To ensure that the room as a whole looks good, try to match the bed with any other furniture that you may have.

Don’t forget to buy new bedding, either. Trying out a new colour scheme will help to make your room feel like a new space, and it offers a chance to show off your personality. Perhaps you want a patterned set that will match the other colours in your room, or to make it feel bigger you may opt for white.

Freshen up with Paint

A coat of fresh paint can revitalise a space in just a few hours. There may be marks on your walls from furniture rubbing against them, or from when you accidentally knocked into them. Painting will get rid of these, and give you the chance to change up the colour. Adding a feature wall could make your space look bigger and draw visitors’ eyes to that area.

Painting the walls neutral colours, such as whites and greys, can make the room feel more spacious; it also allows you to change the colour scheme more easily than if you’d painted the walls a bold colour.

Hang Wall Art

Attaching paintings, prints and photographs to your freshly painted walls will add extra personality and character. How much wall space you have will determine the size of what you hang, and where you hang it. If you own the property, you may opt to hammer nails into the walls to hang your framed paintings. However, if you don’t want to, or can’t because you’re renting, you can simply lean the art against the wall. This looks great on dressers and bedside tables. 

In conclusion

Decorating your room can feel overwhelming in the beginning, but there’s very little cause for stress. There are plenty of ways to add personality and freshness to your space. If it’s small or lacking in natural light, adding a mirror or two will brighten it up, and give off the illusion that it’s bigger. Painting the walls and buying a new bed may be pricier than hanging wall art, but both options can give your room a brand new feeling.