The Ultimate List of Dried Flowers

So you've fallen in love with dried flowers?

(We have too)

You've seen some stunning arrangements online...

And they've certainly blown you away.

But none of them have quite hit the nail on the head for you.

It's got you curious about making your own arrangement from scratch, BUT.

There's a problem.

You don't actually know the names of any of the flowers you see.

Fortunately, we can help.

Today, we will be providing you with an extensive list of the most popular dried flowers.

You'll learn dried flower names and types.

With pictures included!

So you can finally create your very own custom made arrangement.

Let's dive in.

Dried Flower Types & Names (With Pictures)

Here is an extensive list of different dried flowers.


Amaranthus is perfect for hanging down the side or front of a pot or vase. Our favourite colours are light pastel.

It's important to be gentle with this stem, as you want to ensure it doesn't get caught on anything if you ever need to transport your arrangement.

Here's a picture of some light pink amaranth in our Rosie Arrangement.

rosie arrangement

Apple Leaves

These circle shaped leaves look great in native arrangements. 

Dried apple leaves are very unique and are very popular with their apple shaped leaves.

Here's some dried apple leaves in our Rustic bouquet.


Dried banksia are native to Australia and are great at making up the centre piece or feature of any arrangement.

We love to build our arrangements around the theme of a centrally located banksia bloom.

Banksia come in many different shapes and sizes. Some come with leaves surrounding them, other come standalone. 

Here's a picture of some dried banksia in our Charli arrangement.

dried banksia

Billy Button

Billon buttons are versatile.

They can be used all on their own, in a pot or vase with other flowers, or even as part of a bouquet with wrapping as simple as some tissue paper.

They come in different colours - our favourites are white, yellow and rainbow.

Brazilian Star Flower

Brazilian star flowers are very small, but are a great addition to any arrangement.

They fill in the gaps and bring in a little sprinkle of joy, coming in all sorts of colours to suit your style.

If you look closely you can find it scattered throughout our Rosie arrangement.

Bunny Tails

Perhaps on of the most popular blooms we see is the beautiful bunny tail.

They are perennial, meaning that they are available all throughout the year. As a result, they are also quite affordable.

You can have them in a bunch by themselves or scattered throughout any arrangement as they go well with anything.

Here they are featured in our white posy duo.


Dried cotton is looks  amazing in a nursery, on a bedside or hallway table. 

It tends to go well with minimal arrangements and can even become a bit of a feature, but also works well in conjunction with other blooms.

Here you'll find it in our minimalistic Heidi arrangement.

Gum Foliage

Dried gym foliage is absolutely perfect as a filler in native arrangements. 

It goes really well with other Australian natives such as Banksia, but also goes well with most other dried flowers, in particular lighter shades such as yellows, whites and light orange.

In our Green with Envy Arrangement you can find plenty of gum foliage.

Gypsophila (Baby's Breath)

Gypsophila (Baby's breath) is like a sprinkle of stardust on any arrangement.

We usually use it in the background of our arrangements in light colours such as white, cream and pink.

Here you can see it placed out the side of our Pamala arrangement.

Horse Tail

Horse tails are very similar to bunny tails, except they are a little fuller and less fluffy. 

Similarly you can have them in a bunch by themselves or scattered throughout any arrangement as they go well with anything.

Here are some horse tails featured in our Gold Fleur Arrangement.


Hydrangea would have to be one of the most popular dried blooms around.

It's thickness provides a fullness to any arrangement and is perfect in the front of a vase to bolster the rest of the blooms behind it.

We use hydrangea in almost all of our products as we believe it makes a huge difference to the aesthetic of the arrangement.

Here is some hydrangea featured in our Audrey bouquet.

Jequirity / Linseed

Dried Jequirity or dried linseed is very similar in nature to baby's breath or stirlinga and serves a very similar purpose.

It is great as a filler for the back of your arrangements and can be found in a variety of different colours

You can find it in our dried flower posy in our little something gift box.

Jewelry Grass

Jewelry glass is again very similar to horse tails or bunny tails, except for their very unique texture.

They are relatively common and are great for making your arrangement look a little more unique.

You can find some jewelry grass here in our Flower Posy, part of our Self Care Gift Box.

Lunaria Annua (Honesty)

Known for its delicate, translucent leaves, with small brown spots in the centre. 

Dried Lunaria or Honesty, is a stunning flower that adds a touch of elegance to all arrangements.

Featured in our mini neutral arrangement.


Magnolia flowers are readily used in our arrangements. They provide the perfect main feature and come in a variety of colours.

You can have them embedded low down in a similar fashion to hydrangea, or up higher as more of a feature.

They would also look amazing in a vase on their own as they have a rather unique shape and texture.

You can find these magnolias in our Lola arrangement.

Magnolia Leaves

A popular filler in our native arrangements. With shiny, smooth brown and green leaves.

Magnolia leaves are very popular and dry really well. We love drying them ourselves and adding them to our native dried flower arrangements.

Here are some Dried Magnolia Leaves in our Dried Native Bouquet.

Ming Fern / Asparagus Fern

Dried Ming Fern is extremely bushy and thick. 

Similar to hydrangea, it is great to provide a richness and fullness to any arrangement you're creating.

It would have to be one of our favourites. We love it in purples, pinks, cream and white.

Here it is featured in our Claire Dried arrangement.

Mini Fern / Leather Fern

Similar to other ferns, dried mini Fern provides a nice, delicate look to any arrangement.

It's texture and pattern is impeccable and can be used in a whole host of different contexts.

You can find some Leather Fern in our Dried Flower Bar.

Misty / Limonium

Dried misty - also known as sea lavender, valentine grass or limonium is another bushy bloom, which can be used in the background of a busy arrangement or even in a bouquet on its own.

Misty also goes exceptionally well with Australian natives.

You can find it in our Autumn Heidi arrangement.

Palms (Palm Spears, Sun Palms, Palm Fronds)

Dried palms are extremely popular and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Large ones work really well as a backdrop which everything else can rest in front of.

Smaller ones can be placed in the middle of arrangement to provide some structure and fullness.

Here is a large palm featured in our King of Queens arrangement.

Pampas Grass

Dried Pampas grass would have to be one of the most popular dried blooms we have ever come across.

It works well with almost anything - standing by itself on your bedroom floor, at the back of an arrangement or even alone in a vase.

It's versatility and beauty is highly sought after and we absolutely love it.

Here is some pampas grass featured in our Alina Arrangement

Preserved Roses

Preserved roses bring some elegance and class to any arrangement.

The great thing about them is that they look a lot richer and lively than their dried counterparts.

They're a good compromise between fresh and dried flowers and are perfect for a romantic or birthday gift.

Here they are featured in our Ava arrangement.

Rice Flower

Gorgeous clusters of small circles, similar size to a grain of rice. Rice flower is a very popular dried flower as it looks simply gorgeous.
Available in various colours, our favourites being white, burnt orange and pink.
You can find rice flower in our popular Selena Arrangement.


Dried Ruscus is one of the most popular dried flowers, alongside dried hydrangea. 

Little pointed leaves along long thin stems that resemble tree branches. Ruscus comes in an array of colours. 

Ruscus featured in our Burgundy Bouquet.


Sorghum are absolutely stunning and go swimmingly with eucalyptus and other Australian natives.

They can become a real feature of the arrangement you're planning or can become part of the background.

Here is some Sorghum featured in our Fern Arrangement.


Stirlinga's dark colour make them a great choice to contrast lighter shades.

The actual blue planet flower comes in many different colours and sizes, with some being as wide as an inch!

They also work really well in darker arrangements as well as in the background.

You can see dried stirlinga used here in our Chanel piece.

The Bottom Line

This article has only scratched the surface of the hundreds of different dried flowers out there.

Milla Rose uses an array of dried flower stems in our arrangements and bouquets. We also have a dried flower bar if you are wanting some single flower stems for your own arrangements or vase.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you're looking for a particular bloom and we will be able to point you in the right direction.

Ali, Dan & Milla

- The Milla Rose Team