8 Creative Ways to Decorate with Dried Flowers

Dried flowers are truly stealing our hearts – they’re beautiful, long-lasting and the ways you can use them in your home are almost endless! You may be wondering exactly how to display dried flowers in your home.

How to display dried flowers:
1. Classic Arrangement
2. Flower Dome
3. Table Centrepiece
4. In a Frame
5. Petal Confetti
6. Hanging Reeth
7. Dried Bouquet
8. Hanging Stems

The Dried Flower Trend

With the circumstances surrounding 2020 keeping us restricted to our homes for many months this year, we’ve seen a sharp increase in home decorating and renovating. Our inner creative has certainly seen a rebirth, with many people finding they have a lot more time to spend on improving the aesthetics of their everyday environment.

We’ve noticed dozens of small online businesses providing some stunning and innovative home décor ideas, in particular, using dried flowers to spruce up their living areas, hallways and entries. It’s also never been a better time to support local business, with this year’s circumstances hitting small businesses hard, so be sure to give them some love with your pocket.

Dried flowers have seen a dramatic resurgence in recent times, and for good reason - they’re beautiful, long-lasting and the ways you can use them in your home are almost endless! So, whether you’re wanting to improve the look for your own home, trying to create a more comfortable home office, or even if it’s a thoughtful gift for a friend, here are our best ways to decorate with dried flowers.

1. Classic Arrangement with Dried Flowers

A classic arrangement is certainly the most common way to decorate your home with dried flowers. Arrangements vary in size and shape, come in a pot or glass, and are most commonly used on ledges, coffee tables and bedside tables.
There are countless combinations available, with the most common stems being pampas grass, hydrangea, Ruscus, palm leaves and amaranthus. You can either buy stems individually and design your own arrangement, or purchase a pre-designed one.

2. A Dried Flower Dome

Another popular way to use dried flowers is within a glass dome. As soon as we saw this creative option, we fell in love. It allows you accentuate not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it also offers as a protective layer between the environment and your dried flower, which are quite fragile and need to be looked after.

3. Table Centrepiece

Have you got a table that needs a little more character? If this is you, a table centrepiece is the way to go. Most commonly, these are found in a rectangular shaped pot.

4. In a Frame

What was once a custom request become a staple in our collection – adding a stem of bunny tails to a picture frame to create a vibrant, 3D creation that ‘pops’ off the wall. This idea certainly isn’t limited to bunny tails, in fact, it’s really up to your imagination. We also think wheat and pampas grass would go well with a similar creation. You can also press some dried flowers and put them in a transparent frame. The light shining through accentuates the blooms blissfully.

5. Petal Confetti

After making dozens of arrangements in a row, we often found we were left with the
remnants of all the stems on our studio floor – a colourful array of petals.
They really were too beautiful to throw away, thus, the petal confetti was born. Either keep it in a glass or decorate a surface such as a food platter or hallway ledge.

6. Hanging Wreath

This was another idea we came across on Pinterest one day. You’ll need wreath ring to get started, then add your favourite blooms and petals. We especially like hanging variations such as amaranthus combined with palm leaves.

7. Dried Bouquet

Have a vase laying around the house with nothing in it? Our dried flower bouquets are a perfect alternative to fresh flowers as they look amazing and last for years compared to just a few days. We have a great range of bouquets and different price points or get in touch with us to create a custom order.

8. Hanging Stems

If you've done some searching on Pinterest, you may have seen some photos of flowers and foliage hanging upside down around people's homes. Having flower stems hanging upside down looks quite unique and you can learn how to dry flowers in the process. We currently have some dried gum leaves hanging in our bathroom, which both looks and smells great.