When To Buy a Girl a Gift: A Complete Guide

So perhaps you've been dating for a few weeks or short months.

You've really been hitting it off.

Things seem to be going well.

It's got you thinking...

"Maybe it's time to do something special"

Or perhaps you're worried that you should have already got her something by now.

Today, you'll discover when exactly the right time to give your girlfriend a gift is.

As well as what to get and how to give it.

Let's dive in.

When To Buy a Girl a Gift?

The best time to buy a girl a gift can be between a 2-3 weeks and 3 months in to the relationship. The time frame is completely dependent on how the relationship is progressing, your personalities, timing and what the gift is.

Give a gift too early and it may make things a little awkward. 

Drag out giving a gift and you may end up pushing her away.

So let's get a little more granular.

How do you know when is best?

Consideration 1 - How Well The Relationship is Progressing

Gifts are a great way to reinforce and honour the commitment of your relationship.


What can makes things tricky is if you are 'seeing' each other and haven't quite figured out where you stand.

This can make it difficult to know how long it has actually been.

Which is probably an indicator that your first step should be too ask her to be your girlfriend.

That's probably the best gift you can give right now.

In saying this, in my experience, many guys are worried that by giving a gift too early.

They will come across as desperate or lame.

Which really just isn't the case.

If you've been on 3-4 dates and things are going well.

You could certainly start with a small gift such as flowers or anything you've picked up that she likes so far e.g. in jokes, commonalities.

Consideration 2 - Your Personalities

The next consideration is your individual personalities.

For example, you may be a very generous and chivalrous person.

You may have already paid for several of the dates so far.

And your loving language is gifts.

If this dynamic has been received well.

It may be a sign that you can give a gift earlier than typical - towards the 2 week mark.

Knowing her personality can also be helpful.

Is her love language gifts also?

Has she already spoken previously about times she has received gifts?

Does she often buy herself gifts?

These all be indicators that a gift will be well received. 

Consideration 3 - Timing

Another factor to consider is timing.

For instance, if her birthday is coming up.

Or Christmas is just around the corner.

It may make a lot of sense to get her a gift earlier than you typically would.

In my opinion, it shows courteousness and empathy.

Even if it feels a little early, buying a girl a gift for one of these special times.

Will mean a lot.

Consideration 4 - What the Gift Is

Another big thing to consider is what the gift is.

The purpose of the first gift is mainly to let her know that you're thinking of her.

And that you went out of your way to do something nice.

You might like to start with something simple.

Although it may sound like a cliche...

Buying a bunch of fresh or dried flowers is a perfect way to start.

Whereas an expensive piece of jewellery might be a little too much.

In the early stages of a relationship you also may not know her well enough yet.

And end up spend money on an expensive gift that doesn't quite hit.

What is the Importance of Gift Giving?

Gift giving is important because it shows the person you are developing a relationship with that you care about them. Gift giving demonstrates generosity, interest and most importantly, thoughtfulness.

Gift giving is a great way to show a girl that you are interested in her.

It shows her that you are enjoying her company and want to continue to sustain the relationship.

Gift giving also shows that you are empathetic and generous, putting another person's needs ahead of your own.

Giving gifts also demonstrates that you are thinking of the person and that you care about them not only when you're with them.

But also that you think fondly of them when you're not with them too.

Therefore, it's obvious that buying her a gift is a significant step in the progression of your relationship.

And that it's something you want to get right.

Is It Too Early To Buy Her a Gift?

You can usually tell if it is too early to buy her a gift by how well things are going between you. If you have been on a few dates, have been intimate physically or emotionally and are seeing each other more regularly, this is a sign that a gift should be well received.

Giving gifts is less about time and more about the state of the relationship between the two of you.

More often than not, a small gesture or gift will be received well and will only improve your bond.

As a general rule, it may be best to stay away from expensive or elaborate gifts as your first one.

Should You Give a Gift on the First Date?

Giving a girl a gift on the first date may be well received if you have been regularly communicating through text, phone calls and previous friendship already. However, if you are only just starting to get to know her, don't give a gift on the first date.

Whether you give a gift on the first date or not should be determined by how well you know the person already.

If you have already been in regular and long standing communication, you may already know that a gift will be appropriate.

However, if you don't know this person very well yet, you may be best to hold off.

On a first date, you will learn a lot about whether this person is someone you want to pursue going forward.

After this first date, you should know a lot more about the person and whether you want to show your commitment and thoughtfulness through a gift next time.

How Many Dates Before You Give a Gift?

You should consider giving a girl a gift on the third or fourth date, once you have got to know the person and the relationship is starting to develop. Until this point, you may not know the girl well enough to discover if a gift will be well received or not.

In saying this, it's important to know that every relationship is different and depends totally on your circumstances, which we spoke about earlier in the article.

We have drawn these conclusions from our own experience as well as the experience of other people and online forums.

First Gift for Girlfriend?

Giving your girl a gift for the very first time can certainly be nerve racking.

In our opinion, it's best to keep it simple as you're still just getting to know her.

Start by trying to pick up on her interests, hobbies or any commonalities you have between you.

If in doubt, starting with a bunch of fresh or dried flowers is our recommendation.

You can find beautiful arrangements on our website, which we have sent to thousands of women who are blown away.