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Creating memories through sustainable flowers that last for years & spreading joy through meaningful gifts. Studio Based in Nunawading, Melbourne - Shipping Australia wide.


Who doesn't love flowers? They are one of the most popular gifts, dating back centuries. We love fresh flowers as much as the next person, but can't help feeling a little guilty having to throw them away when they wilt after just one week.

We have dedicated our business to finding a sustainable and long lasting solution - dried flowers. Dried flowers are real flowers that have been either preserved or dried to last years. They are very low maintenance and won't need to be replaced frequently. Dried flowers may be more expensive than fresh flowers, yet they are made to last for years (in some cases up to 6). So instead of spending $30 every week on fresh flowers, why not invest in one gorgeous dried flower arrangement!

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About Us

Named after Ali & Dan's daughter ~ Milla Rose. 

Founded by Ali who lives in Melbourne, Australia. A former SEO specialist, content writer and now, a dried flower florist. If that isn't enough add in being a first time mum to a now 19 month old toddler.

This business was established in 2020 after following the preserved and dried flower trend and seeing a gap in the market at the time. Her soon to be husband and now employee, encouraged her to start her own business which is something she has always wanted to do.

"We love working together as a family and have had an amazing journey in this business so far. We have been incredibly lucky to be able to expand faster than we could ever imagine.

We are so grateful to each and every one of you who supports our business and we love creating these forever flowers for your homes, events & businesses."

- Ali & Dan

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