Timeless Dried Wedding Flowers

Have a dried flower wedding your guests talk about for years to come..


Have a Wedding that Stands Out with Dried Flowers

They're Unique

Dried Flowers will help your wedding to be memorable, unique and remarkable. It'll be a theme your guests never forget.

They Look Spectacular

Dried flowers are extremely popular and trending. WOW your friends and family with a dried flower themed wedding.

Keep them Forever

With dried wedding flowers, you'll get to keep your beautiful bouquets for years to come.

A Wise Investment

Weddings are expensive. Compared to fresh flowers, dried flowers are a far better investment as they'll last you years, not days.


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We understand how significant your wedding day is.

We are a leading dedicated Australian provider for dried wedding flowers, having designed and created thousands of stunning arrangements.


The Standout Wedding Process

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Step 3 - Enjoy Your Standout Wedding


Why Choose Dried Flowers?

For decades, traditional fresh wedding flowers have been the 'go-to' option. However, fresh flowers only last a few days and are quickly becoming outdated.

We believe your wedding can be unique. We believe you deserve more.

By choosing dried flowers, you'll be making a wise investment. You'll be able to keep your arrangements for years to come as they become part of your home.

Dried flowers can also become the overall theme of your wedding - your guests will truely be blown away. 

We will make your wedding look spectacular with your chosen blooms.

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Wedding Testimonials

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted
"Milla Rose Flowers were very responsive, communicated regularly and a pleasure to deal with, great value too".

Jesse T

Just want to say a massive thank you for my arrangement that was meant for a vase that I turned into my elopement bouquet! They survived the whole day being passed around between my bridesmaids and still looked 100% at our sunset shoot πŸ™Œ Now they live in a vase and I get to see them every single day 😍

Emily B

Milla rose created my custom wedding bouquet and I couldn't be more happy with how it turned out! Ali was able to envision exactly what I was after and match with my colour scheme perfectly. It is now is displayed in a vase in my home creating a long lasting memory.

Bronwyn N