Types of Dried Flowers & Their Names

So you've fallen in love with dried flowers? (We have to)

You've seen some stunning dried flower arrangements online... And they've certainly blown you away. But none of them has quite hit the nail on the head for you. It's got you curious about making your own flower arrangement from scratch, BUT.

There's a problem...

You don't know the names of any of the flowers you see.

Fortunately, we can help. Today, we will provide you with a list of the most popular dried flowers. You'll learn Dried Flower names and types (with pictures included!). See how these flowers compare to the 8 most popular flowers (fresh ones).

So you can finally create your very own custom flower arrangement.

Let's dive in.

Types of Dried Flowers (With Pictures):

Here is an extensive list of dried flower names.

Amaranthus (Amaranth)

Amaranthus is perfect for hanging down the side or front of a pot or vase. Our favourite colours are white and cream.

It's important to be gentle with this stem, as you want to ensure it doesn't get caught on anything if you ever need to transport your arrangement.

Here's a picture of white amaranthus in our Dried Protea Arrangement.


Banksias are native to Australia and are great at making up the centrepiece or feature of any dried flower arrangement.

We are big fans of Banksia flowers, so much so that we created a complete Banksia guide.

We love to build our flower arrangements around the theme of a centrally located banksia flower.

Banksias come in many different shapes and sizes. Our favourite Banksias to dry are the Banksia Hookeriana.

Here's a picture of Dried Banksias Hookeriana. You can find these to buy in bunches of 3 at Milla Rose.

Billy Buttons (Craspedia Globosa)

Billy Buttons are gorgeous golden-coloured, globe-shaped flowers.

They can be used independently for a pop of colour in your home, a pot or vase with other dried flowers, or even as part of a gorgeous native bouquet with wrapping as simple as some tissue paper.

They are naturally golden in colour but can come in other colours. Preserved Billy Buttons are often dyed and can come in various colours, such as pink, blue and red.

Here are some golden Craspedia (billy buttons). You can find them stealing the show, available in our dried flower bar.

Brazilian Star Flower

Star flowers are utterly stunning. Although tiny, they are a great compliment to any dried flower bouquet or preserved flower arrangement.

They are often used as filler and come in various colours, like yellow and pink.

They are dainty flowers, but they are rather beautiful.

Bunny Tails (Lagurus)

A soft and fluffy grass that resembles a rabbit’s fluffy tail. 

Dried bunny tails are one of the most popular dried flowers and are often found in vases by themselves or alongside some stunning everlasting flowers.

They are perennial, meaning that they are available throughout the year. As a result, they are also relatively affordable.

Here are some natural bunny tails which you can find in most of our native flower arrangements and for sale for a bunch of 60 stems.

Dried Cotton

Dried cotton is more of a plant than a flower but is often found in Dried Flower bouquets. 

Its fluffy, fairy-floss-like heads add a touch of softness to flower arrangements.

Dried cotton goes well with minimal arrangements and can even be a feature, but it works well with other blooms.

Amazingly, cotton is one of the most used fabrics in the world. It is often used to make clothes, towels, bedding, etc.

Spinning Gum (Eucalyptus)

Dried spinning gum (also known as dried eucalyptus) is our favourite eucalyptus type from the Eucalypt family.

Preserved spinning gum adds a touch of softness to dried native flowers and looks fantastic alongside dried gum.

Both dried and preserved eucalyptus can be found in our Native Dried Banksia Arrangement.

In particular, spinning gum looks amazing with lighter flower shades such as yellow, white and light pink.

Here is some spinning gum that you can find in most of our native flower arrangements.

Baby’s Breath (Gypsophila)

Dried Gypsophila (also commonly known as Dried Baby's Breath) is like a sprinkle of stardust on any arrangement.

It adds a touch of softness and usually ties together the colours and flowers used in our dried arrangements.

We love baby's breath as it looks the same whether fresh, dried or preserved.

It will be in style for a while and has increased in popularity lately at weddings. 

Here you can see it used for a gorgeous Milla Rose wedding. We have dried baby's breath available per bunch. 


Preserved and dried hydrangea must be among the most popular dried florals. We have dried hydrangea in almost all of our everlasting flower arrangements.

Its gorgeous, soft petals add a touch of softness and elegance to floral arrangements, and its colours are utterly stunning.

Preserved Hydrangea looks amazing in big bunches or featured in a dried wedding bouquet.

Here is some unique rust-coloured dried hydrangea. You can find a similar style in our Autumn dried flower arrangement.


Dried hypericum is similar to baby breath or stirlinga and serves a similar purpose.

It is excellent as a filler for the back of your arrangements and can be found in various colours.

They are also known as Hypericum berries and are said to be an invasive weed in both Australia & New Zealand. 

When up close, its texture is fascinating.

Lunaria Annua (Honesty)

Known for its delicate, translucent leaves, with small brown spots in the centre.

Dried Lunaria, or Honesty, is a stunning flower that adds a touch of elegance and softness to all arrangements.

It is quite a luxury flower and can be found in whimsical flower arrangements.

Here are the beautiful delicate leaves in all their glory.


Magnolia flowers are readily used in our arrangements.

They provide the perfect main feature and often come in cream or brown.

You can have them embedded low down, similarly to hydrangea or up higher as more of a feature.

They would also look fabulous in a vase as they have a unique shape and texture.

You can find these cream magnolia flowers in our Fleur Arrangement.

Magnolia Leaves

A popular filler in our native arrangements. With shiny, smooth brown and green leaves.

Magnolia leaves are trendy and well-known for their green and brown waxy leaves.

They are perfect for drying and can be quickly done whilst maintaining a gorgeous colour.

We love drying them ourselves and adding them to our native dried flower arrangements.

Here are some luscious magnolia leaves. 

Ming Fern / Asparagus Fern

Dried Ming Fern is extremely bushy and thick.

Like hydrangea, it is excellent to provide richness and fullness to any arrangement you create.

It is often naturally green and specially dyed in various colours.

It would have to be one of our favourites as it looks great as a feature or filler in bouquets and vase arrangements.

We most often use it in white but also brown.

Mini Fern / Leather Fern

Like other ferns, Dried Leather Fern provides a nice, delicate look to any arrangement.

Its texture and pattern are impeccable and can be used in many different contexts.

You can find some Leather Ferns in our neutral preserved arrangement.

Limonium (Misty)

Dried Misty or Limonium - also known as sea lavender or misty, is another bushy bloom that can be used in the background of an arrangement or even in a bouquet.

Dried Limonium also goes exceptionally well with Australian native flowers.

You can find it in our King Protea Flower Arrangement.

Palms (Palm Spears, Sun Palms, Palm Fronds)

Dried palms are extremely popular and come in various shapes and sizes.

Large dried palms work well as a backdrop where everything else can rest. They also look incredible in a dried flower wall hanging.

Dried palm spears can be placed in the middle of the arrangement to provide structure and fullness.

Here are some beautiful sun palms.

Pampas Grass

Dried Pampas Grass would have to be one of the most popular dried florals ever encountered.

Dried Pampas Grass is often featured in dreamy Pinterest weddings and sizeable dried flower arrangements.

Pampas Grass works well with almost anything - standing on your bedroom floor, at the back of an arrangement or even alone in a tall vase.

Its versatility and beauty are highly sought after, and we love it.

Here is some fluffy dried pampas grass. You can buy pampas grass from us at Milla Rose.

Phalaris, aka Gem Grass

Dried Phalaris or Gem grass is similar to horse tails or bunny tails, except for their unique texture.

They are common and are great for making your arrangement look more unique.

Preserved Roses

Preserved Roses bring some elegance and class to any arrangement.

The great thing about them is that they look more prosperous and more lively than their dried counterparts.

They're a good compromise between fresh and dried flowers and are perfect for a romantic or birthday gift.

Here is a dainty preserved rose.

Rice Flower (Ozothamnus Diosmifolius)

Gorgeous clusters of small circles, similar in size to a grain of rice.

Rice flower is a trendy dried flower as it looks simply beautiful.

Available in various colours, our favourites being white and pink.

You can often find preserved rice flower as a filler in dried flower bouquets.


Dried Italian Ruscus or Israeli Ruscus is one of the most popular dried flowers, alongside dried hydrangea.

Dried Italian Ruscus features small, pointed leaves along long thin stems that resemble tree branches.

At the same time, Dried Israeli Ruscus features soft, large leaves that bring a touch of luxury to flower arrangements.

Here is some dried Italian ruscus.


Dried Sorghum is stunning and compliments neutral or native flowers.

They are commonly seen in white or a traditional red/burnt orange.

Dried sorghum can become a fundamental feature of the floral arrangement you are planning or can tie in well with the background.

Here is some natural dried sorghum.

Stirlingia (Blueboy)

Dried Stirlingia’s dark colour makes them a great choice to contrast lighter shades.

Stirlingia also known as blueboy, comes in many different colours and sizes, as various species are available.

Dried stirlingia works well in neutral arrangements when you want to add a pop of colour.

You can see dried stirlingia here and buy it here

Where to buy Dried Flowers:

Dried flowers are readily available online at stores such as Milla Rose, from markets, local florists or suppliers throughout Australia (or around the world) if you want to have a go at creating your own dried flower arrangements.

8 Most Popular Dried Flowers:

  1. Pampas Grass
  2. Bunny Tails
  3. Dried Ruscus
  4. Dried Palm Leaves
  5. Baby’s Breath
  6. Rice Flower
  7. Dried Ming Fern
  8. Hanging Amaranthus

The Bottom Line

This article has only mentioned a few popular dried flowers we often see in dried and preserved flower arrangements.

Milla Rose uses an array of dried flower stems in our everlasting flower arrangements and dried bouquets.

We love natives, neutrals, and the occasional pop of colour.

Feel free to contact us if you're looking for a particular bloom, and we'll be able to point you in the right direction.

Ali - Milla Rose Team