10 Best Engagement Gifts For Any Couple

People like to feel appreciated; one way of doing so is by gifting them.

During memorable occasions such as an engagement party, gifts are the best way to wish your soon-to-be-married couple well.

What you give them is a symbol of your unique relationship with the couple. Such tokens reflect the relationship status between the giver and the receiver.

In addition, gifts help form more profound and stronger connections between friends. For this reason, your skills should be unique and sentimental to capture the couple's attention.

Engaged Couple


Consider these ten present ideas for engagement gifts:


1. Customised Jewellery

Customised gifts are usually most people's favourites because they show the thought and effort you've invested. Thus, the couple will instantly be emotionally attached to them. That's especially true with customised jewellery.

Almost everyone values precious gems and stones. More so, the gems come in colours that are so attractive and unique. For instance, the Coloured Gemstones by Dracakis include vibrant hues like amethyst, aquamarine, sapphire blue, light blue, gold, citrine and emerald.

That's one treasurable gift the newly engaged couple will hold dearly throughout their marriage. You can even customise such jewellery with the couple's initials or full names engraved on the gem.


2. A bouquet of dried flowers

It's customary for people to show up for engagement parties with bouquets of fresh blooms. You'd want to stand out by getting them dried flowers. They last for a lengthy period and thus have a more prolonged impact on the couple's mind. That said, knowing the types of flowers they love and the arrangements they fancy would be best. This should be easy if you've been close friends all along.


3. Wedding planner

The period between ‘Yes’ and ‘I do’ is usually a beehive of activity for the couple. There are several meetings, numerous phone calls, and many preparations to undertake. They surely need to note all these crucial details, and that's why a wedding planner is one of the essential things to have during this time. It will help them effectively organise their activities and appointments and ensure they're not missing out on any.


4. Framed picture

Given that you're close to the couple, chances are high that you've previously posed for a photo or two with them. Think about a picture where they were all smiles and frame it for protection from damage. They'll gladly hang the framed photograph as wall art in their house. And they'll forever cherish and remember the time you spent with them.


5. Scented candles

Scented candles help in relaxing and calming the body. After all, engagement parties tend to wear out the couple, and you'd want them to wind down in style once the guests leave. Getting their favourite scent will ensure they connect with your present. You can also use accessories such as lingerie, robes and scrubs to help them ease up.


6. Kissing mugs

Kissing mugs are well-thought gifts that the couple will be happy to own. They'll often use them for breakfast or any drinks. The cups can come in ‘Mr. and Mrs.’ prints or rings for decoration and personalisation. Make sure the cups are of high quality so that they last longer.


7. Ring dish

Most partners find it meaningful to keep up with wedding traditions, such as having engagement and wedding rings. They need a special place to store their precious jewellery collection for this. You can get them a ring dish customised to their liking. Although the rings are available in different shapes, go for the heart-shaped ones to remind them that their hearts are now one constantly.


8. Photo album

During this period, all the way to their wedding, the couple will have several pictures together. A photo album will be a nice gift for them to store their images for their memories. They'll probably keep the album for the rest of their lives, meaning they'll remember your kindness for a long time.


9. Cookbook

A cookbook with simple recipes is an essential kitchen tool. Whenever the couple decides to cook a fanciful meal, your cookbook will be handy, and they'll appreciate your kind gesture. A cookbook is also a great way of adding to the couple's kitchen skills.


10. Gift card

A gift card allows you to use your own words to express yourself. This way, you can let the couple know you're happy for them and wish them well in their new phase of life. You can also use art to pass your message. Such personal touch to a gift makes it meaningful.



In your quest for the best engagement gifts for couples, your primary concern should be making it as personal as possible. This ensures the team connects with it better and truly appreciates it. So, think about their likes and taste and get something along these lines.