7 Things To Consider When Choosing A Wedding Venue

So, you're finally engaged with the love of your life—that's wonderful news!  This just means you're now looking forward to the life you'll spend together afterward. Although you're excited about the big day, the prospect of planning everything may leave you feeling overwhelmed. From the food and flowers, to the guest list and the numbers you and your entourage will wear, your list of tasks may seem daunting!  But, if you take a step back and break everything down into simple steps, you'll have to start with choosing a wedding venue.

One of the first big decisions you'll make when planning a wedding is where to hold it. Ultimately, you need a place for your friends and family to congregate and celebrate. It’ll be the cornerstone of your day, as well as one that’d incur the largest cost.

Unfortunately, choosing the ideal venue isn’t that simple. You’ll have many options, whether you choose a tranquil beach, a modest diner, or an extravagant ballroom. So, to help you out, this post gives you a list of the things to be considered when deciding on the wedding venue.  

Here are 7 things to consider when choosing a wedding venue:

1. Accomodation for guests

2. Weather

3. Design of the venue

4. Lighting 

5. Rentals

6. Vendors

7. Parking

1. Accommodations For Your Guests

If most of your guests are out-of-towners, you'll need to ensure they have a place to stay. Since you invited them, it'll be your obligation to search for and offer lodgings for them. In finding the best accommodations for your loved ones, be sure to pay attention to the location, their budget, size of the hotel, its amenities, availability of the rooms, and transportation to and from the actual wedding venue. 

2. Weather

If you'd like to hold your wedding outdoors, the weather should be an important factor. This is especially crucial to inquire about if you're planning a wedding away from home since you may not know the area well.

Additionally, some areas may seem lovely in the spring, but unbearably hot in the summer. In tropical regions, there could also be stormy seasons and mosquitoes to mind!  If you're unsure how to go about this, the event planner could help you select a time and day that'll work well with the venue.

3. The Design Of The Venue

Choosing a place that complements your ideal wedding is also essential. After all, the style of your venue depends on your taste and who you and your partner are as a couple.

For instance, if you're organising a rustic-themed wedding, a venue with a blooming outdoor garden or a vineyard with breathtaking views may be appropriate. Or, if you want a bohemian-inspired wedding, you can choose an expansive location and design a venue from scratch using string lights to delineate the area.

4. Lighting Options

The venue's lighting options will affect how your wedding would look like. Depending on the position of outlets and so on, your wedding's arrangement and design may be impacted. If you have a certain concept in mind, you should discuss what’s doable with the available utilities with your wedding coordinator and location. Depending on your concept, you may also discuss rentals or wedding flower decorations.

5. Rentals

Some locations offer everything, including seats and wait personnel, while some don’t. Hence, make sure you know what the rental includes and what it doesn't. When comparing the costs of different venues, this factor could significantly impact on the total cost.

6. Vendors 

Some vendors have been working with a venue for a long time. This is useful especially if you're looking for a photographer who knows the perfect spots around the property or a florist who's used to arranging flowers in the courtyard. Utilising the venue's approved vendor list is an excellent place to start when choosing your suppliers.

Additionally, some venues might prefer you to use their recommended vendor list. But, don't worry because bringing in a set number of outside providers is still fine. Also, if there are specific vendors you want to hire for your wedding day, try asking them if they have any experience working on your desired venue. They might have excellent ideas or suggestions. 

7. Parking

Parking will be a significant consideration if your wedding is in a remote location where guests will have to travel. If a venue has few parking spaces relative to your guest count, inquire about other transportation alternatives they have. They may own a shuttle bus or have previous experience partnering with third-party transportation providers. 

Final Thoughts

The wedding venue is one of the most crucial choices you’ll have to make during the whole wedding planning phase. It may be rather overwhelming! Fortunately, the items stated above can serve as your guide in selecting a venue. If you tick all those items on your wedding to-do list, you'll surely have a smooth-sailing, love-filled wedding!