The Dos And Don'ts Of Decorating A Wedding Car

Your wedding is one eventful day. You spend much time deciding on the theme and putting thought into the decor, hoping it comes out as you envisioned it. Among the statement pieces that project your style is the wedding car. Everyone wants to catch a glimpse of the bride and groom's getaway car. Thus, it should look impressive. With that in mind, here are the dos and don'ts of decorating your wedding car:


Knowing the best practices for decorating your wedding car ensures a fantastic outcome. They include the following:

  • Hire A Wedding Car Service Provider
  • Wedding car service providers are ideal for having an elegant ride for your wedding. If you hire your bridal entourage, one of the things they'd want to know is your wedding theme. With this information, they can suggest suitable decor for the car. Reputable wedding car providers usually have numerous photos from past events, which can give you a clear picture of what to expect. However, you don't have to copy every detail in toto. Use them as insight and personalise your decor for uniqueness.

  • Mix And Match Flowers
  • Flowers are a surefire way to make your wedding car look fantastic. An excellent approach is mixing and matching the flowers instead of simply using one flower type. First, pick different colours in line with your palette. For a burgundy wedding, you can use flowers with hues like blush, champagne, white, dusty blue, gold, orange, or grey.   

    It's also an excellent idea to combine different flowers for the decor. For instance, you can combine roses and orchids, roses and lilies, or wildflowers. They make your wedding car more colourful and attractive.  

  • Choose Durable Design Materials
  • Your wedding car decor should withstand weather and rigorous motion. For instance, the wind might blow away your flowers. And a light ribbon can quickly get cut when travelling on a bumpy road. The heat from the car's engine and the sun could also destroy the decor.

    As such, you should choose sturdy material for your wedding car decorations. Buy flowers and plants with hard foliage, such as the monstera, ruscus, and cordyline. Roses and orchids also have relatively strong stems and are suitable for car decor. The other best alternative is to use artificial flowers rather than natural blooms.

  • Create Telltale Shapes And Letters
  • Instead of random bouquets, you can shape the flowers into meaningful figures, symbols, and letters. One of the popular designs is tying your floral arrangements in a heart shape. Weddings are about love, and a heart-shaped bouquet will help reinforce the message. Alternatively, you can use the first letters of the newlyweds' names to create decor pieces. Creative ideas make your decor more attractive and unique.

  • Get The Owner's Consent
  • If the car is not yours, it will help to get the owner's consent before decorating it. Whether it's a friend's car or it belongs to one of your family members, asking for their permission to decorate the car is essential. If the decor ruins the car's painting, it'll save you from too much explanation. You already have consent from the owner, and they're aware of possible outcomes with decors.


    Having learned the dos, you should avoid the following don'ts at all costs:  

  • Don't Neglect Safety
  • Ensure your decorations don't have significant effects on safety precautions. For instance, you shouldn't block the driver's front and back view because of your decorations. Avoid hanging flowers on the rear-view mirrors and windshield. An unobstructed view is necessary when driving to avoid accidents. Also, don't use big decor; it can fall off when the car moves and cause an accident. 

  • Don't Use Material That Could Corrode The Car's Paint
  • Although car decor is essential, you must refrain from throwing all caution to the wind. A wedding is just a one-day event, after which you'll still need your car for routine trips. So, ensure the decor doesn't interfere with the car's paint. Also, ensure the tape you use to secure your decor doesn't leave unsightly marks on the vehicle. Rectifying the damage will be costly, and you'd want to avoid such unnecessary expenses.  


    Wedding car decor makes the event more memorable and magical. Go for flowers, foliage, and other decorative accessories that match your theme. Hiring a wedding car provider would be best, as they know the dynamics of decorating wedding cars. They can offer insightful suggestions on how to pull off a breathtaking look within your budget range.

    Be mindful of where you place the decor to ensure the driver's line of sight isn't compromised. Safety is critical on the roads; you wouldn't want to take any chances.