How much do Wedding Flowers cost?

A major part of your special day that can easily be overlooked or forgotten.

Wedding flowers add elements of softness, colour and romance to your day.

Flowers can definitely cost a lot more than you’ve budgeted for, especially if you don’t do A LOT of research.

Your wedding flowers aren’t just limited to your flower bouquet, they can make up almost all of your wedding decor!

Wedding flowers are a beautiful part of your ceremony, incorporating colour and your own personal style with your bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres, altar flowers and so much more. Don’t forget about the reception too, where your guests get to walk into your own wonderland, full of centrepieces, table arrangements, roof installations, garlands and cake flowers. 

No matter how long you save for, every wedding is sure to have a budget. Flowers can take up a considerable amount whether you are having fresh, artificial or dried wedding flowers

What is the average cost of wedding flowers in Australia?

In Australia, the average cost of wedding flowers is around $1,600 but this varies with each state.

According to statistics, NSW couples are willing to spend upwards of $2,000 on wedding flowers, SA and WA couples just over $1400, Victorian couples around $1600, NT couples $1,000 and QLD around $1,100. Tassie and ACT couples spend well below the rest at around $700-$840.

You’ll find most brides and wedding planners, plan to spend 5% of their total budget on flowers. Obviously this is subject to change and has a lot of contributing factors.

Over 70% of couples use a florist for their wedding flowers, over 20% of DIY lovers would prefer to do their own and the remainder, opt for basically no flowers at all.

So how much should wedding flowers cost?

Wedding flower budget breakdown:

  • $15,000 budget - $750 on flowers
  • $20,000 budget — $1,000 on flowers
  • $30,000 budget — $1,500 on flowers
  • $40,000 budget — $2,000 on flowers

The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing the right wedding flowers. 

Today, we look at how to find your perfect wedding blooms without having to break the bank.

At Milla Rose, we work with every bride to ensure that we can achieve the wedding of their dreams at an affordable budget. If you are after just a single bridal bouquet, you could expect to pay between $180-$250 depending on which flowers are used and the size of the bouquet.

And the best part? Our dried wedding flowers can be reused, repurposed or put on display for years to come.

Bridesmaid bouquets can cost between $150-$200 each and boutonnieres/buttonholes from $20 - $40. This is subject to location, flowers used and what florist you go with.

We have worked with amazing brides over these past few months who have budgets of $1,000 or who are looking at spending well over $5,000.

Your budget should depend on how luxurious and big you want your flowers to be. As well as the types of flowers used.

If you are wanting flower walls, arbour pieces and aisle flowers, expect to spend upwards of $2,000. If you are wanting to cover your entire wedding venue - you may want to consider setting aside more of your budget for your wedding florals.

At Milla Rose, we offer an array of dried wedding flowers:

  • Altar flowers
  • Aisle flowers
  • Boutonnieres
  • Bridal bouquet
  • Bridesmaid bouquets
  • Cake flowers
  • Corsage
  • Flower girls’ confetti/petals
  • Floral party favours
  • Garlands
  • Photo wall installation
  • Table centrepieces
  • Table arrangements
  • Wishing well flowers

If you are interested in choosing Milla Rose for your wedding flowers, we are able to use a combination of both dried, preserved flowers and silk flowers to create your dream wedding decor.

We are able to arrange either a face to face, zoom or phone call to discuss your special day from your favourite flowers, colour scheme to ideal budget and our payment plans. 

Wedding flowers can vary significantly from wedding to wedding (and florist to florist).

This cost of wedding flowers really depends on the company used, flower seasonality, flowers used, amount of flowers needed, travel costs, labour costs, installation, and many more factors.

With all of this in mind, you don’t actually need to spend thousands of dollars to achieve beautiful flowers for your big day!

So what exactly are you paying for?

Most florists take a service fee and may charge a travel fee subject to location.

They will often require a deposit upon confirmation with the remainder due 4+ weeks before the day.

Prices will fluctuate depending on how many flowers you use and which florist you go with.

We aim to work within your budget to create stunning affordable dried flowers without breaking the bank or blowing your budget.

How to save money on Wedding Flowers:

  • Use the same flowers for both Ceremony & Reception
  • Explore yours and your family and friends gardens for flowers
  • Explore wholesale flowers or buying in bulk
  • Choose a wedding reception with plenty of greenery (this means you can get away with less flowers)
  • Use flowers that are in season and locally grown (this will be a lot cheaper than importing expensive blooms)
  • Mix inexpensive ‘filler flowers’ with more expensive bold, statement pieces (think baby’s breath with luxury preserved roses)
  • If you are into natives, see what eucalyptus or gum leaves you can find in parks or neighbours properties for table decor

How to find a Wedding Florist

The wedding planning process should be as seamless as possible. You want to be assured that everything is under control and there won’t be any last minute mishaps, especially when it comes to the flowers.

You want a florist who will be able to guide you through the planning process, send you regular updates, make suggestions and have the flowers ready well before the day.

If you are in a different state, they will need to be shipped well ahead of the day to allow for any possible postage delays.

Today, only just over 50% of couples choose fresh flowers whilst the remaining will opt for dried flowers, artificial flowers or a combination of both.

A great florist will be able to offer their expertise when it comes to seasonality, availability, affordability and more. If a specific flower isn’t in season, they will work to find the next best option or try and source that flower for your day at a reasonable price. 

We love working with brides to create the ultimate dried wedding flowers. We obviously love using dried flowers but are able to source fresh and silk flowers too.

The beauty of dried and preserved wedding flowers is that they last. They won’t wilt or need to be preserved after the day as they are already made to last for years.

Dried flowers are becoming increasingly popular and we are loving creating beautiful wedding flowers using our dried flowers.