How to Preserve your Wedding Bouquet

You’ve spent months or even years planning your dream wedding, saving up money and spending endless hours creating the perfect day. You have photos and videos to reminisce on, but what about that wedding bouquet you spent all of that time picking out or putting together? What if we told you there was a way (or two) that means you could keep that arrangement forever. Wedding bouquet preservation is a great way to cherish those stunning flowers and have them on display in your home. 

We've done some extensive research and have found four simple, low-cost ways on how to preserve your wedding bouquet. We don't believe you should throw your bouquet away, as all of that time, money and memories deserve to be on display forever (or for 6 years at least).


1. Pressing Flowers

The easiest and quickest way to press your own flowers is to use a book. 

  1. Place each flower between two pieces of baking paper, within the pages of the book. Depending on the size of the book, you can press multiple flowers at once. If you are pressing multiple flowers, ensure they are spaced out enough so the moisture doesn't transfer between each flower. 
  2. Then, get some more books or an object that is heavy (like a brick) to gently place on top of the closed book containing the flowers. 
  3. Change the baking paper sheets every few days to absorb moisture. After two or three weeks, the flowers will be completely dry. When removing, use a pair of tweezers or gently pick up with your hands. 

Place the pressed flowers in a frame or look into pressed flower jewellery, phone cases, and more. 


2. Air Dry Flowers

This would have to hands down be the easiest way to preserve flowers. Drying flowers is another popular and very simple way to preserve your wedding bouquet. Anyone can air-dry flowers, all you need is a few things and a dark cupboard. To do this, bunch the stems together and tie them tightly with a rubber band or some string. Then, hang the entire bouquet upside down in a dark and dry area such as a cupboard. Wait for the flowers to dry out which may take anywhere between 1-3 weeks. These can then be placed in a vase and displayed in your home (have you seen the trend lately!).


3. Preserve with Silica Gel

Remember those sachets you find in a new handbag or packet of taco wraps that says 'DO NOT EAT'? They are a product called silica gel which is used to absorb any moisture and humidity to keep food and products from spoiling. Silica gel looks similar to sand or salt and can be found online, at Bunnings and many other stores. 

Form a base of silica gel in an airtight container and place the flowers in amongst the product. Then, gently pour the silica gel around the petals, making sure the shape of the flower isn't compromised. Keep filling until the container is full to the top, and seal it with the lid.

4. Use Epoxy Resin

Another great, yet a little more time-consuming way to preserve your bouquet is with epoxy resin. You can use clear, epoxy resin to preserve your flowers in various shapes. Simply get a square (or shape of your choice) mold from a craft store, fill halfway with epoxy resin and carefully arrange the flowers in the liquid. Use more epoxy resin and fill to the top of the mold. Let it air dry and once you take the mold off, you will have a beautiful square box filled with your flowers. We recommend doing some research and looking at some of the stunning art pieces that come out of this method - they are gorgeous. If you aren't up for getting some epoxy resin and getting to work, there are many different online stores who can do this for you. 



While we don't offer wedding bouquet preservation (yet), we think its a great idea to preserve those special flowers. And if you are going ahead with this DIY project, why not do the same for your bridesmaid bouquets and give them as a thank you gift. Using one of these four ways to preserve your wedding bouquet is a great idea. Why not get crafty and turn your bouquet into an everlasting arrangement that you can feature in your home! We love craft projects and would love to see your arrangements, simply tag us on Instagram or send us an email with your creation.