Mother's Day Gift Ideas

How amazing are mums?! They grow and carry us for 9 months, bring us into the world and then spend all of their time raising us until we’re ready to do things independently. Mums truly are amazing which is why we should celebrate them this Mother’s Day. Are you unsure of what to get present to get for your mum this year? Explore our collection including mother's day gift ideas for hard to buy mums. 

Mother’s Day only comes around once a year and it is a day where your mum deserves to be spoilt. It wasn’t until I became a mother myself that I truly appreciated and understood just how much mums do for us, sacrifice for us and love their children. This year, Mother’s day falls on Sunday 9th May 2021. So start planning and making those purchases so your gifts arrive on time and your mum doesn’t feel forgotten! 

Send your mum the perfect mother’s day gift, delivered straight to her door. She deserves a gift as special as she is. We have made the process easy this year, with a dedicated collection just for mums that would make her day. We have also added in some amazing other local businesses that offer some experiences that we don’t if you think she’d prefer an experience to a tangible gift.

We also have a great selection of gifts under $50 that would be perfect for your mum, mother in law, grandma or your own child’s mother. We would love to help you find a way to make mum smile and feel special. We know we'll have the perfect gift for your mum in stock. Need some special Mother's Day gift ideas? Our perfectly curated collection is full of heartfelt gifts such as our luxurious gift boxes and beautiful Mothers Day cards that your mum is sure to love. 

Our top 10 Mother's Day Gift Ideas:

  • Flowers
  • Candles or Diffusers
  • Bath Salts/Bath SoakGift Box/Gift Hamper
  • Dining Experience
  • Getaway/Vacation
  • Massage or Facial Voucher
  • Jewellery
  • Coffee & Reusable Coffee Cup
  • Self Care/Pamper Products

1. Give her Flowers that last (Dried Flowers)

Who doesn't love receiving flowers? There's just something special about receiving a curated bunch of flowers just for you, or knowing that someone had you in mind when finding the perfect flowers to gift to you. Fresh flowers are great but it's sad to see them wilt and need to be thrown away with the memories soon fading. This is why we have created the ultimate gift - using dried flowers that are made to last for years! What a perfect gift for mum, she can keep these in her home and get to look at them every single day for many mother's days to come. 

2. Find the perfect Candle or Diffuser

Who doesn’t love a candle that not only looks beautiful and fits the home aesthetic but also smells amazing?!. We have a gorgeous range of candles that your mum is sure to love. Our Sunday’s scent is a best seller and is sure to brighten your mum’s day this Sunday 9th May. 

3. What better way to unwind than with some Bath Salts

Our range of bath salts and bath soaks are sure to impress your mother and leave her feeling relaxed. Especially if paired with one of our Sunday candles and dark raspberry chocolates. Simply purchase one of our bath salts by itself or in a create your own gift box for mum’s ultimate self care experience.

4. Indulge in a Gift Box filled with numerous gifts

I’ve always loved receiving gift boxes and gift hampers, especially gift boxes for Mother’s day. Why settle for one present when you can have multiple, thoughtful and beautiful products. Our gift boxes have been curated just for mum’s this year. We have spent numerous hours sourcing the perfect products that would make for a special gift Sunday 9th May.

5. Get a gift voucher for her favourite restaurant or winery

If your mum is a foodie like us, you can’t go wrong with a food voucher to her favourite restaurant or even a winery! Especially now due to COVID, most restaurants offer gift vouchers that you are able to purchase ahead of time for your mum to use at a date that she chooses. She may even bring you with her (win-win). 

6. Book a weekend away or get a voucher for AirBnB

Now is a better time than any to explore all of the beautiful places Australia has to offer. A great gift idea for your mum this year would be to book a little holiday in one of her favourite places, or a place she has always wanted to visit. If you aren’t too sure where she’d want to go, what dates to choose or you can’t afford to pay for an entire trip - simply put some money towards a travel voucher with a company like AirBnb or We did this for my parents for their wedding anniversary and it was a hit!

7. Treat mum to a relaxing massage or facial

I don’t know about your mum but who doesn’t love taking some time out for themselves and indulging in an hour long massage or facial? There are some beauty clinics and amazing spas in Melbourne or all around Australia where you can purchase a voucher to give to your mum. Then she can choose her own treatment and find the best day to visit!

8. Who doesn’t love Jewellery 

From small, local businesses to larger well-known companies - jewellery is always a great option for mum (and usually a safe one too). Take note of her current jewellery collection to see if she prefers gold, silver or even rose gold and find the perfect piece of jewellery for mum that will remind her of you. There are some great local businesses who handmade their jewellery onsite such as FinerRings in Melbourne. There are also some other great stores such as Francesca that offer luxury yet affordable jewellery

9. Coffee beans or a reusable coffee cup

Is your mum an early riser? Does she travel to work? Does she have a coffee machine? A gift such as some freshly ground coffee beans from an artisan roaster can go a long way. Melbourne is known for its great coffee and with that, comes great coffee beans you can take home. Cafes such as Code Black, St Ali, Industry Beans and many more have amazing coffee beans that you can give mum this Mother’s Day. Why not get her a reusable coffee cup whilst you're at it? They are a lot better for the environment and there are some super stylish ones out there.

10. Self care products

Self care is extremely important and as time goes on, more women (in particular) are realising just how important we are and why we need to look after ourselves. A self care hamper of self care products would be the perfect gift. From rejuvenating bath soaks, natural soaps, nourishing lip balm, soy candles and vegan chocolate. There are some amazing products that your mum would love to be gifted and actually use this year.

Soon to be Mum Gifts

Do you have a partner who is a soon to be mum? Our expecting mum mother's day gift ideas are sure to make your partner feel appreciated and loved this Mother’s Day. Because even those amazing women who are currently pregnant and expecting their own baby soon deserve to be celebrated this Mother’s Day.

Expecting Mum Mother's Day Gift Ideas:

  • New Baby Gift Box
  • Luxury Gift Hamper for Her
  • Small Gift Box 
  • Relaxing Bath Soak & Natural Soap Bar
  • Pregnancy massage

    We have a gorgeous range of products that would be perfect for an expecting mum, from a baby swaddle to bath soak or a nourishing body oil

    The possibilities are endless when it comes to the perfect gift for mum this Mother’s Day (don’t ask us about father’s day, we always struggle to come up with ideas). Whatever you end up buying or even making for your mum, we’re sure she’ll love it if you’ve put some thought into it and it comes from a place of love. Our mums truly are incredible women and they deserve to be celebrated not only every May, but everyday.