Wedding Rings 101: 4 Tips For Choosing Men’s Rings

When your wedding day is just around the corner, it’s normal to feel confused and overwhelmed by all the preparations that need to be made. As the bride, your plate is always full—from visiting different venues and booking your videographer to checking the menu and meeting with your wedding planners. 

And now, another on your list is your wedding bands. Unlike any other wedding to-dos, this requires more careful consideration as you and your would-be husband will be wearing them for a lifetime. 

If you’re in charge of shopping for wedding rings, you’ve probably taken care of your band. Now, it’s time to choose your man’s ring. Thanks to the beautiful selections in many jewellery stores and online shops like Etrnl, you can make your shopping for men’s rings effortless. 

It’s important not to be hasty with your choice. Hence, it’s wiser to take these tips while you search for the best wedding ring for your partner: 

1. Select His Preferred Metal  

If your soon-to-be husband is a no-frills person, it would be easier to satisfy them with whatever type of wedding ring you find. But if it’s the contrary, it’s important to be more careful with your choices. So, this first step is to determine his preferred metal. 

The best way is to talk to him about it and ask him straight out what metal he’d want for his ring. Besides, he’ll be the one to wear it every day of his life, so it should be something that he would love and feel comfortable in. Therefore, when choosing a wedding band for your guy, this should be the first thing on your mind. 

Thankfully, you’ll never run out of choices as the jewellery industry nowadays sells men’s rings in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, tungsten, titanium, and more. It would be helpful to check whether your soon-to-be groom owns some other jewellery to understand more of his metal preference. 

White gold or platinum are the metals of choice for most men. You can share this information with your partner since he might decide to join in on the trend. On the other hand, it’s normal to have a ring made of a different metal than your groom. 

Modern couples today usually have contrasting rings. However, if you want matching wedding rings, you can discuss it with your partner. So, you can both decide which metal will be great for you. 

2. Choose The Ring Style  

Buying men’s rings may seem straightforward to some, but the reality is otherwise. There are many more considerations when purchasing the perfect band for your man. This next item on the list talks about the ring style. Since there are so many styles to choose from, here are the four popular categories to help you select the perfect wedding ring:    

  • Classic All-Metal Band  
  • This first wedding band is the classic type and is often preferred by many grooms. This typically features an all-metal band, and they can have smooth or textured surfaces. They may seem conventional, but they’re timelessly handsome and elegant.   

  • Diamond Wedding Ring  
  • If your wedding band has diamonds and you wish to have matching rings for you and your groom, this design is ideal. A diamond accent on your wedding band is a great way to make it stand out. With this design, your man’s ring will look amazing and add more personality to the wearer.    

  • Alternative Wedding Ring  
  • Alternative wedding bands are available for those who don’t want to wear precious metals and stones for their wedding rings. They’re perfect for men who wear fancy and modern jewellery. You can go for stainless steel and other alternative metals that are sturdy enough to last a long time.   

  • Coloured Stone Wedding Band  
  • Some men would love to incorporate gemstones in their wedding bands, as brides do. Speak to your partner about this, and ask if there are any particular gemstones they want to incorporate into their band. A splash of colour in their ring will highlight their individuality. 

    3. Decide On The Width  

    When you’ve chosen the metal and style, it’s time to proceed with the ring’s width. Most men prefer thicker widths. However, before deciding on your own, let your man fit the different ring width sizes to determine which one he likes most and looks best on his ring finger.  

    4. Consider Their Personal Style

    You should always consider your man’s personal style when purchasing a wedding ring. Since you know him too well, you can better judge what ring is most suitable for his unique style. But if possible, bring your groom with you when you go shopping as this allows him to judge whether a ring is for him or not personally.  

    Meanwhile, it’s possible to believe a certain style or material is awesome at first, then regret it later. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider the many years to come and imagine if your husband would continue wearing it.   


    Hopefully, this article has shed some light on how to shop for the best wedding band for your partner. Your decision will depend on how you put the pieces together. However, it’s best to have someone else help with your ring shopping journey. 

    Bring your groom or some of your family or friends instead. Now you can tick off wedding rings on the list and proceed to choose a wedding photographer next.