Best 10 Wedding Florists Melbourne 2023 (With Prices Included)

Whether you’re having a grand ceremony with 500+ people, eloping beside a mountaintop, or walking down the aisle on a beach in bare feet, wedding flowers are a staple part of any special day.

Not only are they part of the wedding processions - think flower girl, bridal toss and wedding bouquet. But they can also have a momentous impact on the look, style and feel of your wedding day.

Opt for red roses, and you’ve got yourself a traditional, love-centred feel. Or line the isles with dried pampas, and you’ve got a more modern, rustic look.

As such, figuring out which wedding florist you’re going to trust with the job is no easy feat. And it’s just one of the many important decisions you have to make when wedding planning.

Unfortunately, many of the Melbourne wedding florist articles out there don’t really help you differentiate between each provider. Rather, each florist they mention sounds the same as the last.

Fortunately, we’ve done things a little differently in this article.

We’ve identified the best wedding florists in Melbourne that stand out.

We’ve done this by identifying their unique value proposition and how they’re different.

For example, if you want a bespoke service that’s an exceptional experience, you could check out Flowers St Germain.

Or if you prefer wedding flowers that you can keep forever, you should go with Milla Rose dried wedding flowers.

We hope that by doing things this way, it’ll be easier to choose a florist whose service reflects your own wedding priorities, such as your wedding style, personality and preferences.

Let’s dive in!

Wedding Florist


Here are the top wedding florists in Melbourne in 2022:


Best for..




Flowers St Germain

Bespoke Service

$5k - $20k+



Bouquet Melbourne

Attention to Detail

No Info



Milla Rose

Dried & Preserved

$1,000 +




Artificial Flowers

$200 +



Kate Hill Flowers

Renowned Brand

$5k +



Juliet Louise

Family Owned

No Info



Thrive Flowers

Qualified Florists

$2000 +



Flower Head Events

Easy Booking

$1600 av.



Alpha Fiori

Low Budget

$650 +

South Yarra


Flora by T

Locally Sourced

No info




Flowers St Germain - Best Bespoke Experience

Florist Best for.. Price Location Rating
Flowers St Germain Bespoke Service $5k - $20k+ Eltham 5.0

When you’re looking for wedding flowers, you don’t just want any old florist, do you?

You want someone who specialises in weddings and who gets you. Someone who provides a bespoke service, not just a product.

Well, if you want to top off your wedding with heavenly, customised blooms that exceed your floral dreams, look no further than Flowers St Germain.

Operated by the extremely talented and renowned Creative Director and Fead florist, Sonia Pelly, Flowers St Germain is a little gem of a studio located in Eltham, an outer eastern suburb of Melbourne.

If you’ve got a Yarra Valley wedding at one of the numerous delightful vineyards, then this boutique wedding floral studio is just a short distance away.

When landing on their instagram feed, you’ll be absolutely blown away by their mix of delightful Orchids and Roses dating back to 2014.

In fact, I was almost close to tears when I saw the pieces of impeccable art and design created by these romantic, elegant, bespoke blooms.

Flowers St Germain


Bouquet Melbourne - Best Attention To Detail

Florist Best for.. Price Location Rating
Bouquet Melbourne Attention to Detail No Info Northcote 4.9

When it comes to your wedding day, there’s nothing worse than hiring a florist who has a cookie-cutter approach to your blooms.

Instead, you want someone who has exceptional attention to detail. Who understands the nuances and intricacies of your day.

If this sounds like you, then look no further than Bouquet Melbourne.

When they were founded back in 2003, this long-standing florist wanted to provide couples with a service that considered every minor detail and provide the highest quality of flowers and workmanship possible.

Bouquet Melbourne’s passionate and committed team are here to consistently deliver beautiful results, ongoing satisfaction and true sensitivity to your needs.

Based in Northcote, Bouquet Melbourne are just a short trip away from the numerous northern suburbs.

Bouquet Melbourne


Milla Rose - Best For Preserved and Dried Wedding Flowers

Florist Best for.. Price Location Rating
Milla Rose Dried & Preserved $1,000 + Online 5.0

For decades, traditional fresh wedding flowers have been the go-to option.

However, there’s nothing worse than spending thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars on your wedding flowers, only for them to soil and be thrown away just a few short days later.

Well, fortunately, with Milla Rose’s dried and preserved wedding flowers, you can keep your dried wedding flowers for years and years to come.

Your dried wedding bouquet can serve as a memento that stays in your home forever, always reminding you of that incredible day you had celebrating your love.

Best of all, if you end up not wanting to keep your wedding flowers, save 40% by hiring your wedding flowers, making them an extremely affordable option!

Milla Rose


Desflora - Best For Artificial Wedding Flowers

Florist Best for.. Price Location Rating
Desflora Artificial Flowers $200 + Hallam 4.7

One of the fears that many brides have when opting for fresh flowers, is that you can never be guaranteed that what you see in the pictures is what you actually end up getting.

Fresh flowers always vary in colour and shades, which can pose a problem if you’re a stickler for design and a bit of a perfectionist.

Furthermore, fresh flowers can present allergens that aren’t ideal for all guests.

This is where Desflora come in, offering an artificial flower alternative that you would never even realise are any different from fresh.

Rather than pray and hope that your flowers turn out the way you want, Desflora let you visit their location beforehand and pick out the exact flowers you’ll receive at your wedding.

Ensuring your wedding flowers look exactly how you want them on your most important day.



Kate Hill Flowers - Most Renowned Brand

Florist Best for.. Price Location Rating
Kate Hill Flowers Renowned Brand $5k + Southbank 4.8

Are you into the glitz and glam? Do you love designer brands and high quality purchases?

After all, your wedding isn’t an ordinary occasion - you want to make a statement, don’t you?

Well, if you follow any celebrity weddings in Melbourne, it’s hard to not have heard about Kate Hill Flowers.

And with nearly 40k followers on instagram, Kate Hill Flowers has an extremely strong social media and public presence.

For over 20 years they’ve been a leader in the high end wedding space, working tirelessly to build an unrivalled reputation in Melbourne.

In fact, they’re so confident you’re going to love your experience that they offer a 100% money back guarantee. So you’ve really got nothing to lose, do you?

Kate Hill Flowers


Juliet Louise - Best Family Owned Option

Florist Best for.. Price Location Rating
Juliet Louise Family Owned No Info Online 4.7

There’s no doubt that planning a wedding is a very personal, intimate process. It can certainly be hard to trust suppliers to fulfil on their promises and let them into something so close to your heart.

Well, if you’re looking for women who want to work with you intimately, want to avoid the overly commercial side of things and want to support a family owned and run business, look no further than Juliet Louise.

Founded in 2017 by sisters Juliet and Louise, this boutique wedding brand has the utmost care and dedication for their clients, treating you just like you’re part of the family! (They even meet with you over coffee!).

Juliet Louise truly understands the importance of planning your wedding and are therefore highly committed to working with you to create your floral vision whilst making it enjoyable and memorable.

We love how the Juliet Louise website also give you helpful information around how you can take care of your bouquets on the wedding day. They really do think of everything!

Juliet Louise


Thrive Flowers - Most Qualified Florist

Florist Best for.. Price Location Rating
Thrive Flowers Qualified Florists $2000 + Collingwood 5.0

Almost anyone these days can open up a flower shop and call themselves a florist.

So if you’re someone who wants a highly trustworthy brand, highly qualified florists and an award winning organisation, take a look at Thrive flowers.

Thrive’s talented team of qualified floral designers, event decorators, wedding planners and stylist. They’re a collaborative team that work together to fulfill on your complex vision.

Thrive are also passionate about the beauty of nature and all that stunning florals can bring to your special day.

For a class above the rest and a large dose of expertise, look no further than Thrive Flowers.

Thrive Flowers


Flower Head Events - Best Booking Experience

Florist Best for.. Price Location Rating
Flower Head Events Easy Booking $1600 ave. Braeside 5.0

Don’t you just hate it when trying to book something online is a huge pain in the ….?

Well, if you’re sick and tired of complex booking processes and filling in 100 enquiry forms, Flower Head events has you covered.

From the moment you land on their easy to use website, Flower Head offers a seamless, easy booking experience. In fact, 80% of people who make contact with them online go on to become a raving customer.

They’ve even got a chat function so you can easily ask any questions or queries without having to make any laborious phone calls.

If you’re looking for a stress free, easy booking experience, look no further than Flower Head events. Oh and in case you’re wondering, their wedding flowers are absolutely immaculate too!

Flower Head Events


Alpha Fiori - Best For Low Budgets

Florist Best for.. Price Location Rating
Alpha Fiori Low Budget $650 + South Yarra 4.8

Let’s be honest - the cost of a wedding can seriously start to add up!

After booking the venue, paying for the catering and putting down deposits for items like dresses, bonbonnieres and rings, you might be left strapped for cash.

Oftentimes, we’ve found that many people leave flowers to the last minute (or even forget them altogether, whoops!).

So if you find yourself needing wedding flowers on a budget, look no further than Alpa Fior. This little gem nestled in South Yarra is here at your beck and call, providing high-quality wedding bouquets at extremely affordable prices!

Alpha Fiori


Flora by T - Best For Locally Sourced

Florist Best for.. Price Location Rating
Flora by T Locally Sourced No info Seaford 5.0

For those of you who are sustainability focused and want flowers that are sourced locally, look no further than Flora by T.

They try to be as sustainably conscious as possible through buying locally through great Flower Farms throughout Victoria, and don’t use foam or plastic products that aren’t reusable.

Furthermore, if you and your guests decide not to take flowers home at the end of the night, they are delivered to local aged care homes for the elderly to enjoy! Amazing!

This bayside gem is here to create your fairytale wedding, whether it’s a large extravaganza or a quiet elopement on a mountainside.

Flora by T

What To Consider When Selecting A Wedding Florist

There are several things to consider when choosing a wedding florist. Depending on your wedding and circumstances, you may give more weight to one of these compared to the others.

After all, wedding flowers are an important part of your special day, so you want to ensure that your provider can deliver.

Here's what you should consider:

  • Your Budget
  • Price
  • Location
  • Type Of Flowers (Fresh, Dried Or Preserved)
  • Flowers Needed
  • Rating

Your Budget

Your budget is often the first thing couples think about when choosing a florist. The price of flowers and different types of arrangements can vary greatly, so it's important to know what you and your partner are willing to spend.


Price is also a big factor when shopping for wedding flowers. It's important to know what you're paying for so make sure to enquire with different florists to find a price that suits your budget. Be aware of all costs involved, including any hidden costs like travel expenses or labor charges.


The location of your florist is crucial as it will affect how your flowers will get to your wedding. If you're looking to have your wedding flowers transported and set up for you, it's important to select a florist within driving distance of your wedding. Otherwise, make sure to allow plenty of time for your flowers to be delivered.

Type Of Flowers (Fresh, Dried Or Artificial)

When you're choosing your wedding florist, you'll want to discuss the type of flowers you want. There are three main types: fresh, dried and preserved. Each has its own pros and cons. While fresh flowers are the more traditional option, dried and artificial flowers are generally a more affordable option.

Flowers Needed

From arches and bouquets to table arrangements and aisle flowers, there are dozens of different flower arrangements to consider for your big day. Check out our Complete Wedding Flower Checklist if you would like to know the different kinds of wedding flowers you can pick from.


Lastly, it's important to consider online ratings and reviews when looking for the perfect wedding florist. A florist's portfolio or website will give you a good idea of what flowers they provide, the quality of their service and their previous experience. You may find it helpful to ask around for recommendations from friends who have used local florists before.

What To Consider When Selecting A Wedding Florist


We wish you all the best with your wedding planning! We hope that this guide has given you some help and insight into choosing what flowers you would like to have at your wedding.