A Bride’s Guide To Wedding Wishing Wells

A wedding wishing well is a wonderful way for guests to contribute towards your new life with your spouse. Whether you’re in the need for extra cash towards your honeymoon or already own many of the traditional wedding gifts, there are many reasons why wishing wells are a great addition to a couple’s wedding.

In this guide, we’ll answer the most commonly asked questions about wedding wishing wells. We’ll also provide you with everything you need to know about them and help you figure out if they’re right for your wedding.

  • What Is A Wedding Wishing Well?
  • How Do Wishing Wells Work?
  • Why Choose A Wedding Wishing Well
  • Where To Get A Wishing Well
  • Is It Rude To Have A Wishing Well?
  • How Much Money Should Guests Put In A Wedding Wishing Well?

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Wedding Wishing Well


What Is A Wedding Wishing Well?

Wishing wells are a fun and creative way for guests to pitch in and help the happy couple with their financial needs. It is a container set up at a wedding reception in which guests can drop a cash, cheques, vouchers, or cards.

The main purpose of having a wedding wishing well is to provide an alternative way for guests to give a gift. Couples may also include a wishing well if they do not need any of the traditional wedding gifts and would prefer cash towards living expenses or their honeymoon.

A wishing well can be a basket, a wooden or acrylic box or can be made to match a wedding's theme. Traditionally, couples who include a wishing well will incorporate it as a part of the reception decoration.

Wishing Well


How Do Wishing Wells Work?

Couples who include a wishing well may start by mentioning it on their invitations so guests who would like to contribute know to bring cash. On the wedding day, couples will usually place the wishing well in quiet corner at a wedding reception or on the gift table. If you decide to have a wishing well at your wedding, try to avoid placing it in a prominent position.

Throughout the reception, guests may choose to add to the wishing well in their own time. Guests may also decide to add a card or a note to accompany their generous gift. At the conclusion of your wedding day, spend some time reading through any cars or notes and don’t forget to send a thank you card to the guests that contributed.

Wishing Well Invite


Why Choose A Wedding Wishing Well

A wedding wishing well is a great alternative to the traditional gift registry. It provides an avenue for guests to give money to the couple. There are a number of reasons why guests choose to have a wishing well at the wedding.

  • If you and your partner would appreciate some extra money towards your honeymoon
  • If you already own many of the tradition wedding gifts or struggled to create a gift registry
  • If you would prefer to shop for items your need yourself after the wedding
  • It can be used as donation box for charity rather than for your and your partner
  • It provides guests with the option to give money if they are unsure of what gift to buy


Where To Get A Wishing Well

If you’ve decide to incorporate a wishing well as part of your wedding, you’ll need to know where to get one. Before you commit to purchasing a wishing well, make sure to check with your venue because may venues will actually supply a wishing well that can be emptied at the conclusion of the wedding reception.

One of the most popular places to buy a wishing well is on Etsy, an online marketplace focused on handmade or vintage items and craft supplies. Here you will find hundreds of handmade wishing wells that come in a variety of shapes, designs and prices.

If you’re a lover of DIY projects, consider creating your own wishing well. Wishing wells can quite easily be hand made and only require a small number of materials. They are often very affordable to create and can be made to specifically fit with your wedding theme.

Where To Get A Wishing Well 

Is It Rude To Have A Wishing Well?

Absolutely not! Wishing wells are a polite way to ask for cash without guests feeling coerced into making a financial contribution. Most guests understand how expensive weddings can be and wishing wells give guests the opportunity to support a newly wedded couple financially.

Is It Rude To Have A Wishing Well?

How Much Money Should Guests Put In A Wedding Wishing Well?

The amount of money guests should gift depends on how close they are to the couple, as well as how much they feel comfortable giving. For instance, if you are a close friend to the bride or groom, you may consider giving between $100 and $150. Whereas, if you are a neighbour or a colleague, an amount of $50 to $75 would be appropriate.

Some guests will opt to give an amount that represents what the couple spent to have them attend their wedding. For a larger wedding, this may be upwards of $200+ while a smaller wedding may be more like $100.

How Much Money Should Guests Put In A Wedding Wishing Well?


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