How To Decorate A Small Living Room

No matter the size of your home, it's possible for you to make the most out of it and turn it into the home of your dreams. In particular, you need to put more effort when decorating your living room as this could be the focal area of your home!

If you're perplexed about maximising the limited space and coming up with a beautiful living room, this article will share some insightful tips to make it possible.

Your family members might love to hang out in the living room, especially these days because of the past two years.

It's only natural that you make ways to decorate your small living room and make it even more comfortable and relaxing than it already is!

Whether you rent or own your home, there are easy ways to transform your living room into a stylish and elegant space.

If you can't renovate, there are many ways to spruce up the space. This can be as simple as adding coffee table decor, a new linen sofa, some dried flowers and an extra large rug.

Here are some Decoration Ideas for a Small Living Room:

1. Design Vertically

A small living room is more significant if it’s designed vertically. This allows you to maximise all the space available. You can install floor-to-ceiling curtains to emphasise the entire area.

The best way to do this is to customise your own curtains and have them tailored based on the right measurements. Another way to design vertically is to add shelving on top of your living room's cabinetry.

When decorating your walls, work your way up from eye level to the ceiling. You can create a photo gallery that goes to the top. Keep in mind that when art pieces are stacked higher, this creates the illusion of a bigger space.

When your visitors come, they’ll have to tilt their heads up to accommodate all the decor that their eyes should see, establishing a wider living room space.

2. Incorporate Nature Into Your Living Room Design

Another way to maximise your small living room design is to incorporate nature. Aside from placing dried flowers on centre and side tables, you can consider using wooden flooring, wooden furniture, and some antique decorations.

If you want your nature theme to expand through interior design, you can go for sofa covers, throw pillows, and rugs that come with nature or botanical prints and colours. Use earth colours, such as green, brown, and beige for your nature-based designed living room.

3. Open Up Walls

Opening up some walls will give your small living room a clean, crisp, and contemporary look. By breaking down some walls, you'll be able to acquire more space and flexibility in your living room layout. The thickness of the original wall may have hindered you from making use of the space in a smart way. Opening them down will allow you to use that wall space for something else.

Furthermore, your home can be more lit and spacious-looking by opening walls. The hallway behind can be made more visible and can add more functional space. If you feel like your home is too dim and your family feels suffocated in the narrow space, you'd know it's time to open up some walls. It’s advisable to seek the help of professionals in opening up these walls to prevent accidents and mistakes.

4. Make An Accent Wall

Another great wall idea is to choose one specific wall that can be creatively accented to become the focal point of your living room.

Decide on the perfect paint colour that's the best fit for your living room’s theme, after that you can hang art pieces, paintings, or photos to further personalise it. This accent wall in your small living room will attract the eyes of your visitors firsthand.

5. Add A Sufficiently-Sized Rug

When decorating a small living room, you'll want to minimise large pieces of furniture that can overcrowd the room. But with regards to the flooring, you should opt for a large rug that can fill the room and anchor your space to give the impression of wider space and elegance. There are many kinds of materials used for carpets, as well as colours and designs, you just need to choose something suitable for your living room's colour palette and overall theme.

Check out some inspiration online so you can determine what the floor rugs will look like in your small living room. While you're at it, invest in comfortable throw pillows and fabrics for couches that can match the rug's design. These accessories can elevate the overall style of your small living room.

6. Create Open Shelving

Another idea is to incorporate open and functional shelves into your living room space. You can use them as storage or space for decorative elements, like a vase with a dried flower arrangement. When the shelves are open, they look more spacious and lighter which contributes to the overall feel of the living room.

7. Add Mirrors

To make a small room appear larger, designers often add mirrors. This trick has never failed so far. The use of mirrors can add light and spaciousness to a room and create the illusion that the room is much larger than it actually is. Mirror accent pieces are affordably priced compared to the benefits it gives, that’s why it’s worth it.

The key is to find the proper form, design, and frame. Avoid mirrors with large frames as they usually take up a lot of space. Go for the minimalistic and modern designs that can work well into your home's interiors. You can add a wall lamp beside the mirror to illuminate the space even more.

8. Cut Down Clutters

Finally, the best way to make a room seem more significant is by decluttering. Accordingly, performing this in your small living room space is essential.

Before incorporating decorative elements, ensure you get rid of the unnecessary items. Remove your kids' toys, books, and other unrelated stuff and make room for relevant decorations instead. It's better to add indoor plants, neutral dried flower arrangements, or other adornments that can aesthetically enhance the space.


Designing your small living room can be done easily by following the invaluable tips listed above.

The key is to take advantage of all the spaces available, you can also opt to design vertically for a different approach.

To make it cosier and more welcoming, you can add mirrors, floor rugs, and additional shelving.

Moreover, don't forget to declutter and make use of nature-inspired decorative pieces such as dried native flowers to serve as a theme of your newly designed living room.