8 Simple Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Bedroom decorating doesn't have to be expensive or difficult. In fact, there are a lot of simple and affordable ways to redecorate your bedroom without spending a lot of money.

Keeping your bedroom well designed is critical since it's where you unwind and sleep, especially after a long and busy day. Simply decluttering up the room might make it more pleasant to live in.

Here are some easy bedroom decorating ideas that will help you make the most of your space, without breaking the bank.

8 Simple Bedroom Decorating Ideas:

1. Display Flower Arrangements

One simple way to add some life and colour to your bedroom is by displaying flower arrangements. You can either buy dried flowers online or pick out some fresh flowers in store. Just ensure that if you are selecting fresh flowers that they are replaced weekly so they don't wilt and smell bad.

For a long time, flowers have been used to decorate all kinds of spaces. Whether it’s for party halls, living rooms, or centrepieces for your dining table - florals can bring some life into a room. Similarly, you could also use different kinds of flowers to add something pretty to your room.

Some people tend to not want to use fresh flowers because of how hard they are to maintain. One solution that you can use is to opt for dried flowers instead. It’s said that they’re in vogue these days because of how well they match decorative styles such as bohemian interior design.

Moreover, you could get a variety of flowers regardless of where you are in the world. This is because you don’t have to rely on them being fresh, which means that they don’t have to be picked and distributed from where they locally grow.

2. Hang some artwork

Another great way to make your bedroom look nicer is by hanging some artwork on the walls. It doesn't have to be expensive or fancy; you could simply use some family photos or pictures that you like.

Not only will this brighten up the space, but it can also help to personalise your bedroom and make it feel more like home. Artwork can also be a great conversation starter with guests, so they will be sure to take notice of your eclectic taste in decor.

There are also some really affordable canvases you can buy from craft stores so you can get creative with painting your own art!

3. Add some lighting with a new lamp

A great way to change the mood of your bedroom is by adding some new lighting. You could buy a new lamp or even just change the lightbulbs to something more bright.

Lighting is often overlooked when it comes to interior design, but it can play a huge role in how a space feels. For example, if you want to create a more intimate setting in your bedroom, you could use warmer lighting. Whereas if you want to make the room feel more spacious, then you might want to consider using brighter lightbulbs.

To work better with the lighting try choosing warm colour combinations such as the one used in our Autumn Dried Flower Arrangement. If not, you could also choose white and beige colour combinations like our Dried Protea Arrangement.

4. Invest in some new bedding

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to give your bedroom a makeover is by investing in some new bedding. You could go for a new set of bed sheets, a new duvet cover, or even some new pillows.

Not only will this make your bedroom look nicer, but it will also make it feel more comfortable to sleep in. This is because you'll be surrounded by fabric that you love, rather than something that's been in your bedroom for a long time and is starting to look a bit tired.

5. Get a new rug

Changing your bedroom's decor doesn't have to be expensive - you could simply get a new rug to change up the look of the room. This is a great option if you don't want to paint or wallpaper the walls, or if you don't have the money to buy new furniture.

There are a variety of different rugs that you could choose from, depending on your style and budget. You could go for a plain rug, or something with a more interesting pattern. If you have a lot of wooden floors, then a fluffy rug might be the perfect addition to your bedroom.

6. Decorate with throws and cushions

Another easy way to add some personality to your bedroom is by using throws and cushions. You could go for a range of different colours and textures to create a really unique look.

Not only will this make the room more cosy, but it will also help you to express your personal style. You can change up your throws and cushions whenever you want to change the look of your bedroom, so it's a really affordable way to keep your space looking fresh.

7. Reduce the Decor Pieces

A great way to make your bedroom look neater and more organised is by reducing the number of decorative pieces that you use. This could mean getting rid of some of your old ornaments, or simply choosing a more minimalist style for your bedroom.

This is why you might want to limit your room decor to a few statement pieces only. For example, you can choose one luxury dried flower arrangement that you like and strategically place it in your room!

Too much clutter can make a room feel messy and cramped, so by removing some of the unnecessary pieces you can create a more relaxing and calming atmosphere. This is especially important if your bedroom is also your workspace - a tidy bedroom will help you to focus better.

Another thing you could do is to keep some of the items in storage and switch them out every other month. This way, you could change it up and use different décor to keep things looking new and fresh every now and then.

8. Keep Splashes Of Colour To A Minimum

If you want to keep your bedroom looking calm and relaxing, then you should avoid using too many bright colours. This is because too much colour can be overwhelming and distracting.

Instead, try using neutral colours like white, beige, or grey. These colours will help to create a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere in your bedroom. However, you can still add a splash of colour by using decor in your chosen palette. This will help to inject personality into the room without making it too chaotic.

One design tip worth trying out is choosing neutral hues and pairing them with a subtle pop of colour. Just like the white dried flowers subtly contrasted with the baby pink in our rosie arrangement.


There are many ways you can try out to improve the vibe in your bedroom – one of them is by doing redesign projects. Simple decorative pieces like dried flower arrangements give texture and colour.

There are a number of different ways that you can decorate your bedroom on a budget. By using some of these simple tips, you can give your bedroom a quick and easy makeover without spending too much money. So why not give it a try?