Are Fake Wedding Flowers Tacky? | Answer May Surprise You!

Fake flowers have been around for years and have had a very mixed reputation mainly because of the poor quality seen in the past – poor fabrics and construction, easily damaged and with little resemblance to the real version.

Fortunately, however, they have come a long way in recent times and the quality has improved significantly to the point that the best quality fake flowers can look and feel just like the real version.

They are sometimes still referred to as ‘fake’ but are often now more kindly referred to as faux or silk flowers and are broadly known as artificial flowers.


Why ‘Fake’ Wedding Flowers Aren’t Tacky

As the quality has improved, they have been increasingly used, appreciated and viewed as a realistic option for wedding flowers - and they can look amazing! So, while they may have deserved the ‘tacky’ label in the past they definitely don’t any longer. While there may still be some stigma about using fake flowers at weddings, it is misplaced.

Hopefully, as people increasingly see the great quality now available in fake flowers and how far they have come, attitudes will change. In saying this, it is still easy to find poor quality fake flowers, so be careful to check the quality before purchasing.


The Benefits Of Fake Flowers For Weddings

There are a number of reasons why fake flowers can be a great wedding flower option:


1. They Are Robust & Long Lasting

A great benefit of fake flowers is that they are robust and therefore with some care will be very long lasting. Within reason, fake flowers stay intact and survive the rigors of the wedding day well including the odd bump or knock and not deteriorate or wilt during the wedding day. These flowers cope well with most weather conditions, inside or outside and elaborate or complex flower arrangements.

Robust Flowers


2. They Can Be Purchased Well Ahead Of Your Wedding

Fake flowers can be purchased well ahead of the wedding and therefore allows costs to be spread out which can help with budgeting. It allows for early pick up prior to the wedding day as bouquets and other arrangements can be made well ahead of time.

As faux flowers don’t deteriorate, this means that there can be an extended time frame available for pick up/set up and decorating the wedding venue. This can be very helpful as things get busy close to the wedding day approaches and things get very busy.

Florist Purchased Ahead Of Time


3. You Can Get The Flowers You Want, Not Just What’s In Season

Unlike fresh flowers, fake flowers are not seasonal so their availability, cost and quality is consistent and reliable and is not impacted by season or national or local weather conditions. So if you choose fake flowers you can get the flowers you want, in the colours you want all year round.


4. They Can Look Great

Fake flowers have come a long way in recent years and the best quality look and feel very similar to the real version. They are also available in a great range of colors and flower types so they can look great made up as wedding bouquets and arrangements.

They can be used alone or also with fresh flowers and as an alternative flower in a fresh arrangement or bouquet when the fresh version is not available or too expensive to source.

They can also be used in dried/preserved wedding flower bouquets/arrangements such as an orchid set in a bouquet of dried/preserved flowers. Good quality artificial flowers can hold their own wherever they are used.

Fake Flowers Look Great


5. They Don’t Cause Allergies

Unlike fresh flowers, fake flowers do not contain pollen and therefore they do not cause allergies/hay fever in susceptible people. Instead, fake flowers are made from a range of materials including silk fabric, rayon, cotton, natural or flocked materials, velvet fabrics and plastic fabrics with most being made from polyester materials.



6. They Can Be Gifted After The Wedding

They can be taken home or gifted after the wedding so can be a great keepsake or thank you gift for bridesmaids or other wedding guests and can be used as long lasting, low maintenance decor in your home.

Gifted Flowers


Final Thoughts

On a final note, while fresh flowers are the traditional choice for weddings and dried/preserved flowers are a very popular alternative, it is worth considering whether artificial flowers may be a suitable flower option for your wedding. There are many benefits to using fake flowers alone or in combination with fresh or dried/preserved flowers.

Excellent quality fake flowers are now readily available making them a realistic contender rather than a ‘tacky’ option and their reputation is improving and rightly so. A cautionary note though is to make sure you choose quality artificial flowers as these look great, are robust and will survive the rigors of your wedding day well – and they will very likely live to see many other days afterwards too!

We wish you all the best with your wedding planning! We hope that this post has given you some and insight into the benefits of fake flowers for weddings and helped you as you make decisions about what flowers you would like to have at your wedding.

Roses Fake


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