How to Make a Flower Crown

Dried flower crowns: a wreath that is worn for the purpose of attire. Flower crowns have been around for centuries. They have been a trend at festivals, birthdays, baby showers, weddings and more. They are constantly all over Pinterest and Instagram. With people learning how to make their own or buying other stunning creations. We will be creating some dried flower crowns over the next few months but until then, we want you to learn how to make your own flower crown.



The traditional 'flower crown' wreath is associated with Greece and their celebrations since ancient times, continuing the tradition to the modern-day Olympic ceremonies. Dried flower crowns are a perfect look, whether you're walking down the aisle or heading to Falls. They have been a go-to accessory for quite some time and they are still as popular as ever today. The new trend for flower crowns are preserved and dried flower crowns. There is the option to create flower crowns using fresh flowers, yet we're going to explain how to make a flower crown using our preserved and dried flowers. We recommend looking for small, filler flowers as these small flowers will be great fillers amongst your larger, centrepieces. We recommend baby's breath, rice flowers, dried bunny tails, hydrangeas. 

You can opt for a simple, white and beige looking crown, similar to the flowers used in our neutral arrangement. Or you can opt for something a little more natural, filling the crown with eucalyptus leaves. Eucalyptus works well with these crowns as it really pops and gives your flower crown a more traditional vibe. Dried Ruscus that we use in most of our arrangements, also works really well with your crowns as it is quite sturdy and knows how to make a statement. For a bolder crown, you can use preserved and dried flowers such as pampas grass, preserved roses, magnolia flowers, palm spears, etc.

Making your own flower crown is quite simple and it's a great project to do on school holidays or whilst in COVID isolation. Our guide will explain how to make your very own flower crown to wear or how to make one for a friend. There are a few materials that you'll need to get started. Keep an eye out as we'll be offering flower crowns in the near future and DIY flower crown packs too. 


  • Floral Tape Floral tape can easily blend in with your crown since it comes in various colours and shades to suit your flowers.
  • Scissors – You'll need some sharp scissors for cutting your flowers, wires and floral tape. 
  • Craft Wire – A craft wire roll is a lot easier to work with that having pre-cut wires. You will be using this to tie your flowers to the crown. 
  • Wire – Often pliable twine or grapevine wire. This will be used as the base of your crown. 
  • Twine or String - Used for bunching smaller flower stems
  • Dried Flowers – Cut the stems to about 5cm to make it easier to use when attaching the flowers to the crown. You can always trim the stems again later. Have a selection of small, filler flowers as well as some larger flowers for your crown.

Photo: Pinterest

1. Create the Flower Crown Base

Get the pliable twine or grapevine wire and wrap it around the top of your head to find the best fit. Leave a cm of extra length to give you a little more to play with. Secure the ends of the wire with the floral tape. 

When you're creating and measuring the base, keep in mind that if you are wearing a hairstyle such as a top bun, the crown may not fit if you're making it whilst wearing a different hairstyle. 

2. Start Adding Base Flowers

Start adding the chosen flowers to your crown. We recommended starting with a base flower such as Ruscus, eucalyptus leaves, bunny tails or something similar. 

3. Bunch your Flowers

You can start bunching a few small flowers together and using floral tape or twine to secure them together in a mini bunch. We recommend bunching bunny tails, hydrangeas and baby's breath together for a simple and elegant looking crown.

4. Secure Flowers to the Crown

Start adding your mini bunches and other preserved flowers to your flower crown. Secure the stems to the crown base with floral tape of craft wire. Ensure that the flowers are added in one direction, facing outwards so the flowers really pop and stand out. Continue to add more flowers and layers until you like the look of your crown. 

Photo: Pinterest

We would love to see some photos of your dried flower crowns! Send us a photo so we can see your crowns. Keep an eye out and sign up for our newsletter to see when we launch our dried flower crowns and DIY flower crown kits.