How To Display Wedding Photos Like A Pro

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime moment to steal the spotlight, especially for you and your partner. Many Australian couples go all out in hiring the most reputable wedding photographer because the memories that’ll be captured on this big day will impact their lives forever. Special snippets are taken from the time the bride and groom prepare for their wedding attire to the party and reception. 

Wedding photos usually evoke the most genuine emotions of the couple, their families, friends, and guests. Such a commemoration of your most special day should be displayed within your home. These special treasures can become conversation-starters among guests, and your children would also be able to grow up visually being reminded of a beautiful memory in their parents' lives. 

If you're thinking of the best ways to display your wedding photos, you can read at picture framers Melbourne and nearby for some ideas and discover more tips below: 

  • Timeless Frames  
  • One of the most conventional ways people have practiced showcasing photos over the years is through using timeless frames. With a classic framed look, you can display your most special photos from your wedding day. The reasons to use a frame are non-negotiable. 

    Frames make your photos appear more alive and emphasized, making great focal points for a blank wall or home area. Fortunately, there are many designs, colours, and materials for frames available in the market today. While you can shop for ready-made frames, you can opt for personalized ones where a frame can be customized according to your liking. This ensures that you're the only one who owns this type of frame. 

    The key to using frames for your wedding photos is to ensure the highest quality of material used for the frame and the photo print. You can customize the final display to suit your tastes. Choose a style and colour that’ll fit your home's interior design. 

  • Shelf Displays  
  • Another way to display your wedding photos like a pro is to delegate a special shelf display intended for it. Shelves are important elements in any home. You can have them installed in the living room, bedroom, or kitchen space.  

    The best idea in utilizing shelf displays for your wedding photos is to come up with diverse sizes of photo prints. Mix and match both portraits and landscapes to make them appear unique and creative on your shelf. 

    Finally, add some shelf decor, like a potted plant beside your wedding photos or perhaps a wedding souvenir to elevate its overall look. It's a wonderful idea to display your preserved wedding bouquet on this same shelf as well. 

  • Panoramic Design Prints  
  • If you're ready to make use of a more professional but challenging way to display your wedding photo, you should try printing them in a panoramic design. You can use a split panel and get every print in a panoramic view.  

    You can reach out to your wedding photographer and see some of their panoramic shots during the event. Otherwise, they can also provide you with creative ways to split various wedding poses and make them project into a panoramic design. While this is a great wedding photo display, it also serves as wall art for your home. 

  • Photo Collage  
  • If there are too many valuable photos that you want to display and you can't settle for only a couple of them, the best solution is to create a wedding photo collage instead. Print out all the beautiful moments captured during your wedding, which includes all the special people in your life. 

    Decide on a collage design and form. Let your imagination run wild, or hire professional collage makers to make this photo project for you. Select all your favourite photos and get them printed into a collage. While they can be digitally created, there's an option for you to add crafts and designs that you can do yourself by hand. This makes the collage even more interesting.  

  • Gallery Wall  
  • Lastly, a gallery wall can be the next best spot in your house if you showcase your wedding photos there. This is the best wall décor idea that makes a bold statement, after all. Whether you create it in your hallway, entryway, or living room, a gallery wall can instantly showcase your photos and make everyone walk through memory lane.  

    There are no strict rules for creating a gallery wall. You can use your imagination and creativity or refer to inspiration and ideas from social media and other online resources. Stick to a theme and colour palette, and mix and match different frames and photo sizes. Aside from hanging photos on the wall, you can incorporate other design elements too that can contribute to the aesthetics of the gallery wall. 


    Your wedding photos are some of the best and most memorable ones you've ever taken. Hence, it's crucial to display them for your family, friends, and guests to see. Hopefully, you can apply the tips in this article to display your wedding photos like a pro.