7 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Wedding Venue

The wedding venue is a vital part of wedding planning, which you should not take lightly. Regardless of your wedding’s theme and décor as well as your personal preferences, the best wedding venue is the key to having a successful wedding.

Unfortunately, most people make costly mistakes when choosing a wedding venue. Some mistakes are made because several couples have no or little experience in choosing venues. Other times, it’s because they work with the wrong wedding coordinators.

So, if you don’t want to make a wrong choice when selecting a wedding venue, here are the mistakes you should avoid:

1. Not Planning Your Budget

Your wedding venue is probably one of the biggest expenses of your special day. While it’s an aspect you must not compromise, it’s essential not to spend beyond what you can afford.

You should figure out your budget for your wedding venue. Know how much you’re willing to spend. If you know your limit, you’ll know where to start your search for the best venues like Tatalia venue.

2. Not Visiting The Venue

In today’s digital world, booking a wedding venue without seeing it in person is possible. However, it’s never a good idea to just check the photos of your preferred place. If possible, before you make a deposit, take a tour of the venue.

Schedule an appointment to tour the venues you prefer. Once you do this, it’ll help you answer all your questions in mind, allowing you to make a well-informed decision in the long run. Moreover, you’ll avoid choosing a venue that’ll only ruin your big day.

3. Not Considering The Travel Time

One of the crucial things to consider when selecting a wedding venue is your guest's convenience and safety. If you have some guests arriving from the airport, it’s helpful to choose a place nearby.

If you and your guests want to party, look for a wedding venue with close-by or on-site accommodations or consider shuttle service. If you’re having a weekday wedding, you might want to know the commute hours within the area. This is especially important if you’re planning to get married in a place known for its bumper-to-bumper traffic during rush hours.

4. Not Taking Weather Into Account

Every wedding venue is unique, and some may prove disastrous due to weather. For instance, a sunny day at a vineyard or an indoor farm could seem idyllic, but it’s a different story once it rains.

Also, the humidity and heat on summer days can make guests sick and uncomfortable. Consider how the weather will affect your wedding day, and ensure your venue has the best ways to deal with such problems to avoid inconvenience.

5. Not Asking About The Services Provided

Not knowing the services provided in a wedding venue may result in chaos and confusion on your special day. So, when looking around for a wedding venue, these are the things you should ask about:

  • Waiters
  • Venue setup
  • Sound system setup
  • Valet parking
  • Cake serving and cutting
  • Directing and welcoming guests
  • Corkage

All of these are critical to the enjoyment and success of your wedding day. Therefore, never forget about the inclusions and exclusions.

6. Ignoring The Details

If you don’t want to have a problem with the wedding venue on the actual day, you might want to avoid ignoring the details. This is particularly so if you’re planning for a destination wedding or choosing an unfamiliar location.

Knowing the smallest details, like the costs of your preferred venue, is essential. So, don’t hesitate to get recommendations from other couples and talk to locals who know the place. It’s also an excellent idea to read reviews or testimonials online to choose a venue wisely.

7. Starting Your Search Late

Once you’re absolutely sure you want to get married and that you have a wedding date in mind, begin searching for a venue. You’ll have to consider, though, that a lot of wedding venues get booked a year in advance. 

So, it’s truly important that you don’t procrastinate on your search. You don’t want to find yourself within months from the wedding date with still no venue to announce on your invitation. It also doesn’t feel right to settle for any place, even if it’s a nightmare venue, just because you have no choice.   

Bottom Line

Selecting the perfect wedding venue is a process that you should never rush and must be taken seriously. While having a multitude of options in your area can make the selection process daunting, keeping the above mistakes in mind will help you find your dream wedding venue without experiencing any hassle.