Pampas Grass: The Ultimate Guide

Who doesn’t love Pampas Grass? By now, most people will be familiar with the neutral, tall, lush grass stems that are often white and fluffy found in floor vases in homes, at weddings or as part of dried flower arrangements.

Pampas Grass (Cortaderia) is an ornamental grass and is very popular and on trend amongst interior lovers, decorators, wedding florists, and us!

You can often find pampas grass growing in large fields of farmland, at large parks or nature reserves and if you’re lucky - in your own backyard.

Dried pampas grass in particular is a huge trend at the moment and we don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon. It looks great paired with neutral dried hydrangea and luxury preserved roses.

What is traditionally considered a noxious weed to some, is now considered a luxury statement piece that is a must have in home’s to others. 

If you are wanting to know where to buy pampas grass, how to decorate with pampas grass, or how to look after it, then keep reading our guide to pampas grass decor.

We will also share some of our tips and tricks on how to incorporate pampas grass into your own dried flowers! We have a great how to dry flowers guide if you are wanting to have a go at drying your own.

Most people would be quite familiar with the tall, fluffy, neutral looking stems by now. Sometimes in creamy white or a natural blush pink variety (you can also get dyed pampas grass too).

Pampas grass, also known as Cortaderia to plant experts, is a very attractive grass that is part of the Poaceae grass family.

Dried pampas grass has become an increasingly popular ornamental grass as it is a highly sought after statement piece in hundreds of homes, not only throughout Australia but all across the world. 

Planting Pampas Grass - How fast does pampas grass grow?

If you are planning to grow pampas grass, there are a few things to be aware of. It requires a lot of space as it grows rapidly and can be upwards of 6m tall.

Pampas grass is fully grown within 2-4 years and can last for up to 15 years. It sprouts during spring and produces bulbs within only its first year of being planted.

It is considered invasive and a ‘noxious weed’ in some parts of the state so check the legalities for your state.

In America, in particularly California and Hawaii, pampas grass is known as an invasive plant because it self-seeds and spreads to then form dense colonies.

The pampas grass season is at its prime from March to May but when purchasing dried pampas grass, it is usually available all year round. 

Is pampas grass illegal?

No, not exactly. Pampas grass is illegal only in certain parts of Australia such as specific regions of NSW including Greater Sydney, South East and the North East Coast regions. This is due to over 100,000 seeds in its flowering heads that can spread up to 25kms from light winds.

However, in Victoria pampas grass is legal to grow and sell. 

If pampas grass is illegal in your state, there are many businesses selling artificial pampas grass that look rather similar to the real thing!

Where to buy pampas grass?

Available at markets, in local florists, and here in our dried arrangements

Pampas grass is very readily available not only here in Melbourne but throughout Australia. Keep an eye out for the best pampas grass as some can look rather sad and matted.

Milla Rose only sources high quality, dried pampas grass in Melbourne that is tall and fluffy.

If you are after bulk pampas grass, get in touch with us for a custom quote.

How to dry pampas grass:

Cut 5 pampas grass stems using a sharp knife or floral scissors. Strip the end of the stems for any excess foliage. Bunch the stems together and tie with string or a rubber band then hang upside down to dry in a cool, dry place for 3-4 weeks. 

Caring for your pampas grass is simple. Spray each flowering head lightly with hairspray, avoid touching and moving them too much, and keep them away from moisture and direct sunlight.

Pampas Grass Decor

Displaying pampas grass in a vase or leaning up against a wall in your home is very popular.

The bold grass will sure make a statement in your home. We are constantly making dried pampas grass arrangements and they are one of our best sellers.

The tall, fluffy grass is a highly sought after decor piece in most homes. 

If you are unsure of where to buy pampas grass for a wedding, get in touch with us as we can source beautiful, fluffy stems for your wedding at an affordable price.

We would love to see dried pampas grass styled and on display in your home or even at your wedding! We love seeing Dried wedding flowers with luscious, fluffy pampas grass

In the meantime, you can find us scrolling through Pinterest and pinning the most dreamy, pampas grass wedding.