4 Things To Consider When Choosing The Perfect Wedding Entertainment

Weddings are one of the most loved occasions of all time. It's a time for merriment, partying, joyous laughter, and a lot of fun stories and conversations to share. 

Then there's the music and entertainment too. This special day can't ever end without some great wedding entertainment. Read along if you and your partner are still deciding on how to entertain your guests on that day. 

Aside from the beautiful gowns, decorations, flowers, and other elements of the wedding party, music is, indeed, one of the focal elements that make it vibrant and lively. Wedding entertainment holds a large part of the event, and people will definitely remember it for a long time. Fortunately, hiring relieves any pressure to keep the party going with music and songs. You can opt to hire a DJ, wedding band, or singers and entrust them to create a memorable experience for everyone. 

But first, consider the following aspects when choosing the perfect wedding entertainment: 

1. Venue  

Before conceptualising any wedding entertainment idea, you should factor in your wedding venue first and foremost. Are you holding the reception indoors or outdoors? How wide or small is the space exactly? By knowing the answer to such questions, you can better decide whether to go for a solo singer, a DJ, or a live wedding band.  

Hiring a wedding band for larger venues would be beneficial, as this would allow everyone, even those seated far from the stage, to listen to and watch the band perform live. However, if the venue is smaller, it's ideal to have a solo performer as wedding entertainment. The intimate size of the venue is enough for the entertainer to go around and sing to guests.  

Another option is to hire a DJ for both large and small weddings. After all, a DJ can mix and pick out songs to be played in the background, so all guests can party while grooving to the music chosen by the DJ. Whichever entertainment style you prefer, prioritise and consider the venue first. 

2. Budget  

Live music bands could be more expensive than hiring solo entertainers or DJs. So, it's crucial to set your budget before deciding who to hire. After all, you want to spend fairly on other wedding essentials like your decorations and wedding flowers too. The band usually comes with three to four performers; the overall cost is heftier. A band's popularity, travel distance, experience, and other factors contribute to the cost of these services. Therefore, if you decide on hiring a band, select the most appropriate band for your wedding by comparing all these cost factors. 

Discounts are common when hiring bands, and you can settle for a good price in the end. But put into agreement all inclusions of their service. Discuss how many sets of songs they'll be performing, how many hours they'll stay, and what musical instruments and equipment they'll bring. Some of the services you expect might not be included, so ask them early. Compare costs and ensure you can afford to pay for the right entertainment. 

3. Preferred Wedding Music  

Every couple has a type of wedding music in mind. You want to make the day about you and your partner anyway, which is quite understandable. However, when it comes to music, a wedding band or a solo singer often comes with a set playlist that they usually play at weddings. As you can request a song or two, they might be able to include it in their playlist. 

This is not the same as when you hire a DJ. A DJ can work around your own wedding playlist. Consider songs your guests will enjoy listening to throughout the evening. You can also include your favourite and memorable songs with your partner, friends, and family.  

Your wedding dance music should be arranged once you've chosen your wedding entertainment. A large portion of hiring a wedding entertainer is wanting your guests to have fun and dance the night away. Pick songs to get your guests dancing on the dance floor. When a song list is provided, the DJ can play the perfect songs seamlessly. 

At the end of the day, your ultimate goal is to have everyone feel happy and have fun listening or grooving to your music. If you prefer your wedding entertainer to draft a list for you, you can do so. You can entrust them to choose the right playlist that's perfect for the occasion, vibe, venue, and your guests.   

4. Guests  

Another factor worth considering when deciding on wedding entertainment is the guests. Think about your guest list and ensure that your chosen entertainment style will be a perfect match for them. Finding entertainment for a wedding that appeals to most guests is the most challenging part of the process. You can't please everyone for sure, but it would be a disaster if many of your guests remained seated with bored smiles once the songs are played. 

You'll undoubtedly want to choose entertainment that you and your partner enjoy, but it's also important to consider the crowd. Discover the majority's ages and incorporate songs they're familiar with. This ensures they have a good time while singing along with the song's lyrics. Choosing entertainment acts suitable for both the setting and the audience is critical. 


You should now be able to choose the perfect wedding entertainment based on the tips above. The key is considering different factors such as your venue, budget, guests, and preferred wedding music. Compare prices of bands, singers, and DJs, and finally choose the one that best fits your wedding vibe.