8 Top Benefits of Dried Flowers

We at Milla Rose are strong advocates for dried flowers.

A simple, everlasting flower arrangement can brighten up and add character to your home.

Dried and preserved flowers have seen a dramatic resurgence in popularity recently.

This may have you wondering – what are dried flowers? And what is so great about dried flowers?

8 Benefits of Dried Flowers:

1. Ultra Long-lasting

2. A gift that doesn’t stop giving

3. Super low maintenance

4. Great value for money

5. Utterly stunning

6. Amazing versatility

7. Easy to change up

8. Available for all seasons

The Resurgence of Dried Flowers

There’s no denying it, dried and preserved flowers have been blowing up our socials this year – and for a good reason!

These beauties have every second person wanting to get their hands on an everlasting arrangement or dried flower bouquet.

The pandemic has led to more home improvement time, resulting in a rise of dried flowers thanks to eCommerce platforms like Etsy and visually appealing social media posts.

Dried flowers are nothing new; they’ve been around forever. But just like jeans with flares, they have made a comeback.

But in this case, we know they won't be going anywhere anytime soon. And here's why:

The 8 Benefits of Dried Flowers:

1. They’re Ultra-Long-Lasting

Yes, it’s true – if cared for correctly and provided they’re of good quality, dried flowers can last up to several years!

Gone are the days of having beautiful fresh flowers on your dining table, only for them to be sad and wilted within a week.

This is a game-changer, as this makes dried and preserved flowers a better investment for gifts, home décor or styling, or even for weddings and other events.

To ensure your dried flower arrangement lasts as long as possible, check out our definitive guide to how to care for dried flowers.

2. A Gift that Doesn’t Stop Giving

Not only are dried flower arrangements super popular right now, but they also make an incredible gift – one that keeps on giving.

With lockdowns and isolation making it more challenging to show the ones we care about that we’re thinking of them, dried flowers delivered to our loved ones' door with one click have become a game-changer.

Almost half of our flower arrangements have been sold as gifts for others.

Giving flowers as gifts brings so much joy to both the sender and receiver.

Nothing brings more joy than seeing a beautiful floral arrangement at your front door.

And instead of your generosity being forgotten, they are a gift that sits in the forefront of their home, constantly reminding the receiver that you were thinking of them for years to come.

3. Super Low Maintenance

We’ve all gone out and excitedly bought some herbs or indoor plants, only to find them withering away when we forgot to water them or re-pot them in time.

The last thing many of us fear adding to our overflowing schedule is something else we have to care for and think about.

The beauty of dried flowers is that they are very low maintenance.

Pick your favourite spot in the house, and BAM, there you have it; your beautiful dried flower arrangement has become part of the decor.

No watering, repotting, soil or pruning is required.

And really, we mean NONE, or you may wreck your arrangement.

Instead – stare, admire, delight and brag (just a little) about how unique your preserved flower arrangement is!

4. Great Value for Money

Now, one of the biggest questions we get asked is – why are dried flowers so expensive?

Although prices of dried flowers vary a lot between vendors, you can expect a bunch to cost you substantially more than a fresh flower bunch for the size, hence why this question of cost is raised.

However, when we break it down like this, it gives a bit of perspective:

Say a fresh bunch of flowers costs you $50 but lasts ten days; you’re paying $5 daily.

On the other hand, let’s say a dried flower arrangement costs you $100 but lasts two years (that’s an understatement), in which case you’re paying only 14 cents daily!

So yes, in fact, dried flowers are great value for money.

5. Utterly Stunning (goes without saying)

Dried florals are utterly gorgeous. They can take a dull-looking room and bring vibrance and character.

Like fresh flowers, dried botanicals are available in many shapes, colours and sizes, with hundreds of unique combinations you can create.

Our team at Milla Rose get such joy from designing new, stunning dried flower creations and sharing them with the world. We want you to experience this joy too.

Our favourite dried flowers are dried hydrangea, Italian ruscus, dried pampas grass, palm fronds, Lunaria honesty and hanging preserved amaranthus.

We find new and unique ways of arranging our favourites daily – the creative possibilities are endless!

6. Amazing Versatility

Not only are there so many unique types and combinations of dried flowers, but the ways you can use them are nearly endless.

Some of our favourite ways to use dried and preserved flowers are in arrangements, bouquets, a wreath, a glass domes or dried flower wall hanging.

There are also plenty of creative things you can do with dried flowers, including:

  • Flower pressing and framing
  • Creating degradable flower confetti
  • Adding flowers to your phone case
  • Adding them to bath salts
  • Hanging them creatively in your home.

There is no end to the number of ways everlasting flowers can be used.

7. Easy to Change Up the Arrangement

Another glowing benefit of dried flowers is the ability to change the arrangement. Not only can you rearrange or repurpose the existing flowers, but you can also add and subtract new flowers and grasses over time.

Your dried flower arrangement can evolve as the style of your room evolves. Perhaps you will fall in love with some pink shades? Or you may start to get sick of your current flower combinations. Not to worry – go out and buy yourself some more stems to supplement your existing arrangement. Or you could even learn how to dry flowers to freshen things up.

The long-lasting nature of dried flowers sets the foundation for an ever-evolving creative project to match whatever season you find yourself in.

8. Available for All Seasons

Gone are the days of waiting for spring or summer for your favourite flower to bloom. Dried flowers are available all year round, for all seasons.

Whatever look or vibe you’re going for, you won’t have to search for long to find what brings you joy.

Making Sure They Last

Dried flowers are great token ideas people may give you for various occasions, from engagements to memorial services. But while they last longer than actual fresh flowers, they can still get ruined if you don't take care of them.

Here are some things you should do to make them last:

  • Hang upside down: Tie small bunches of flowers with twine and hang them upside down in a dry, dark, and well-ventilated area. It helps retain their shape and colour.
  • Avoid direct sunlight: Dried flowers are sensitive to UV light, which can cause fading. Display them away from direct sunlight.
  • Handle with care: Dried flowers are delicate. When moving or arranging them, handle them gently to avoid breakage.
  • Use silica gel: For preserving flowers with intricate shapes, consider using silica gel to dry them. This method helps flowers maintain their form better.
  • Seal with hairspray: To prevent petals from falling off, you can lightly spray dried flowers with hairspray. Hold it at a distance to avoid soaking them.
  • Dust regularly: Dust can accumulate on dried flowers. Use a soft brush or a can of compressed air to remove dust and debris gently.
  • Avoid humidity: Keep dried flowers away from humid areas, as moisture can cause them to rehydrate and lose their crispness.
  • Rotate displays: If you want your dried flowers to last longer, consider rotating their displays. It prevents them from being exposed to the same environmental conditions continuously.

Join in on the Joy

Preserved and dried flowers indeed are beautiful – their popularity is no surprise.

Whether you want to learn how to dry flowers or invest in an expertly made dried floral arrangement, we are here to help.

At Milla Rose, we want you to experience the joy that comes from dried flower arrangements and the vibrance they bring to a home. We have everlasting arrangements handcrafted in Melbourne, using only high-quality florals.

Whether it’s a gift for a loved one or yourself, we know you’ll fall in love with one of our stunning creations.